Some things I have loved.

June 21, 2012

The following is a list of posts I have loved from the friends who traded buttons with me these past two months. I hope you will check out the rest of their blogs when you click over because the posts I have linked to are not necessarily their most recent!

I love Jess' blog so much and I love that she uses both film and digital cameras. This post on watching her partner change their gorgeous daughter Daisy was beautiful..

Another of my very very favourite bloggers Lauren got a new tattoo! It's looks fantastic Lauren..

I love seeing pictures of couples as children and noticing physical traits that have been passed to their children. Deanna showed readers a real flashback friday treat ft. awesome fashion, ha!.

Deon at Harpy Horses is a fellow Melbourne blogger who makes delicious looking foods and is nice enough to share the recipes. This Sunken Chocolate Souffle recipe looks incredible!.

Erin at Studio 336 gave her website a pretty makeover.

And Crystal bravely shared some things she is afraid to admit to..

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