I couldn't be prouder.

June 28, 2012


When we went to Sydney for our work/pleasure holiday Rob was part of a "look and learn" stage presentation in which he talked a paying audience through a hair cut. I have big time stage fright personally. There is a video that was played on tv that I am in and you can see that the legs I am standing firmly on (my own, of course) are shaking violently.

I actually felt sick with nerves for him while he was preparing to go up there which wasn't helping him but I was so proud of how confident he appeared and how good a job he did. He even found the time and patience to explain where to go (via text) right before he went on, as I got lost trying to find the auditorium. Violet and I stood up the very back of the auditorium so that I could make a quick escape if she got upset. She was so funny, she kept noticing her Daddy was on stage and shouting 'OOOYY DADDY!" and "AHHHHH" which echoed through the hall. I kept walking out because I didn't want to spoil it for the people who had paid to be there. He said afterwards that hearing her made him feel better and that he kept looking for us. Here's to my brave and brilliant fiancé.


  1. Wow what an experience, he must be an amazing hair stylist. What a cutie cheering for her Dad :)

  2. That is so awesome! What a great experience for him.

  3. Rob looks quite dapper! Good for him :) And Violet, you are just too cute :)


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