By the harbour

June 18, 2012

This set of photographs started out as a What We Wore post but quickly turned into the documentation of an adventure Violet was having. I'm sure future me will read this post and think "well derr, what were you thinking?" but at the time it did not occur to either Rob or myself that planting a little girl who has just learned to run in front of some exciting scenery and asking her to face away from it for a picture was asking far too much! We have some 50 + photographs of the back of Violet. So we threw away the idea for the shoot and followed her all over the boardwalk at Darling Harbour (in Sydney), me with my heart in my mouth every time she came within 2 meters of the water and her with all the braveness that is ingrained in her amazing little personality, running towards birds squawking, falling down and getting back up and zigzagging everywhere in exploration. I never stop forgetting until right in the moment that everything Violet sees she is seeing for the first time and how wonderfully exciting and exhilarating that must be. Through the eyes of a child, huh?


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  1. oh, i love this post! it is wonderful isnt it watching them explore. i could watch Elle all day. I cannot wait for Mia to start walking so i can follow her imagination too x

  2. I always get the same feeling, when my little girl gets to close to the water, they
    can run so fast can't they!? Monika.


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