What we wore {maroon and minnie mouse}

May 02, 2012

dress: thrifted//belt: thrifted//jacket: Alpha60//shoes: Swear//rings: antique + Julia seville
top: Pumpkin Patch//jeans: Pumpkin Patch//shoes: Zara

Man, I am so busy with this birthday party! Rob and I switched Violet's room and the dining room/study over the weekend so that she would be in the warmer part of the house. We also wanted her to finally have an awesome bedroom. I thought the room at the back of the house would be too small for a dining room AND study but with winter rolling in and the nights getting colder we actually no longer had a choice. We have ducted heating but it doesn't seem to do enough in the back rooms and Violet has been playing a human ice block at night for the last couple of weeks. The room at the back fits our dining table and a computer desk just fine and we've decided to turn the weird room (it's like a room sized hallway pretty much and totally useless) into a craft/sewing room. All for me! I'm pretty happy about that. Rob also reorganised the shed while I did my best to put the house back together. Now all that's left to do is decorations and baking. I've spent the day making lollipops! I found my dream-pop on

Sprinkle Bakes HERE.

I added a little too much colouring into the first batch (though they're still pretty!) so I'll be toning it down a little in the next lot. I used the powdered sugar method she discusses with total success and ease. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that I am a confectionary and baking noob due to mad laziness so I was expecting my kitchen to be coated in various sugars and hard candy. It was not!

Much baking, painting with chalkboard paint and crafting hessian tablecloths to go, better hop to it. I love birthday parties!

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  1. this post is too adorable! You have a beautiful daughter :) Also, I'm obsessed with that dress xxo

  2. That last photo is really cute :) I really love your dress too!

  3. oh my goodness...you & your wee one are so sweet, it almost hurts a bit! she's going to inherit some GREAT sartorial wits from you, miss. xo.

  4. The two of you are just so beautiful!


  5. Rocio Gonzalez anidosJune 2, 2012 at 5:57 AM

    I love both outfits!


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