what we wore {ships and bones}

April 22, 2012

IMG_4176 IMG_4187 IMG_4195 IMG_4206 IMG_4204 IMG_4246
Me- dress: Alpha60//tights: target//shoes: melissa//engagement ring: antique//bone ring: Julia deVille.
Violet- dress: thrifted//tights: pumpkin patch.

I love these photos that Rob took. When I look at them I think that autumn is really here, even though we're standing in evergreens. Around our house though the leaves are dropping all over the streets and I see people raking their yards. It's such a beautiful time of year, even if you're in Sydney and it's raining all the time ;).

I really want to tell you about something very special to me. For my "hey, thanks for having a baby!" present (is there a technical term for that???) Rob bought me a ring by jeweler slash taxidermist Julia deVille. Have you heard of her? She is amazing. Her work is influenced by Victorian mourning jewelry which incorporated stuff like locks of a loved ones hair and other materials that were once living, a Memento Mori- reminder of our mortality.

In her artist statement she writes: "I incorporate the symbols of death throughout my work because I think it is important to identify with the concept that we are in fact mortal creatures. The nature of our culture is to obsess over planning the future, and in doing so, we forget to enjoy the present. I consider my taxidermy to be a celebration of life, a preservation of something beautiful. I feel strongly about the fair and just treatment of animals and to accentuate this point I use only animals that have died of natural causes."

I have been obsessed with her turtledove bone rings for quite a long time but never got around to buying myself one (largely because I want two, a gold and a silver!). Given how long I've loved them for and what their creation was intended to symbolize I decided that the silver plated one would be the perfect gift to commemorate bringing little Violet into the world. And if I have another, maybe I'll get the gold (I've already hinted above and beyond subtlety to Rob)!

Latin for "Learn to Die".

You can check out Julia deVille


If you're in Melbourne my friend Bernadette works at Alice Euphemia so we bought my ring there. Their website is


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  1. You & Violet always look so beautiful and happy <3 Love reading your blog, always makes me smile xo


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