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April 12, 2012


dress: vintage//shoes: melissa
dress: thrifted

This was actually supposed to be posted last Saturday but we had family staying with us and I am terrible at blogging when we have people staying. Not least because they sleep in the room with the computer which would be kind of awkward. Like, 'heeeeeey, do you mind if I just pop in and scrutinise several hundreds of pictures of myself and post them on the internet? No no, don't get out of bed, it will only take a couple of hours, I can work with this!'. Weird. I'm sure you don't know this but we only live in the same state as one family member: my brother. The rest of them, my parents, Rob's mum, his brother, his dad and step-mum all live in different states, meaning that we hardly get to see them. This also means though that it feels like our door is constantly revolving guests in and out of our home. I'm trying really hard not to sound like I'm complaining here because it is so awesome to see our families, watch them love on Violet and it's also so sad that they don't get to see her (and us, everybody forgets about us!) very often. But it really mucks with our little life routine, man! Seriously, we are creatures of habit and kind of homebodies to boot. Of course, Violet and I get out every day and we go on lots of family adventures during our weekends together but we eat out at the same restaurant once a week and mostly on the other nights you can find us cooking dinner and watching movies together. Every night. Unless The Biggest Loser is on, then you can find me sobbing ashamedly on the couch with Rob rolling his eyes at my lameness. I can't believe I got sucked into that show.

When our families come they don't leave their preferences at home, they're on holidays, they're paying to be here and damn it, they have things they want to do..foods they have been dying to eat.. and stuff they want to buy for Violet. We end up just being along for the ride. For the most part it's totally awesome. It's also exhausting. Go, see, do x 1000 because they're only here for a long weekend! And if you think I'm actually being whiney get this: we just had family leave on Tuesday evening. Another lot arrives tonight (Friday evening). For Christmas this year I'd really like it if all our family members moved to Victoria. Ok!

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  1. Oh my goodness I too am a sucker for Biggest Loser! You and your daughter are so cute

  2. You are one stylin pair! Love your outfits! Found you thru the hop! Looking forward to following you!

  3. thanks for linking up to the restless blog hop!
    im your newest follower! im a sucker for pretty photos and pretty tattoos :)

  4. I just found you through UBP and your family is precious! I couldn't help but feel akin when I read this is in your sidebar bio "I'm supposed to plan a wedding but I just kind of keep thrifting glasswear." That was my exact dilemma two years ago when planning my wedding! I was convinced that we would serve food on assorted vintage plates. Our guest list grew, though, and we soon realized that it wouldnt be practical. We now have two bins full of the most darling vintage patterned plates in our basement :)

  5. beautiful photos of you and the little one. it isn't easy hosting guests...i know!

    stopping by and following via restless hop :)

  6. hello there. Found you through UBP and your about me drew me in. I am newly engaged and have a 11 month old daughter, too. Nice to meet you, stop by sometime. :) Following you now.


  7. Happy Sunday! Visiting from Harper's Happenings' Steppin' Out. :)


  8. I must say, I love your blog!! I stumbled upon it through UBP and so glad I did. I have a little 10 month old named Stella Vivienne very similar to miss Violet. New follower here, hope you pop over sometime!

    xo, Amanda


  9. I love your sense of style! The photos are beautiful.

    Following you from the UBP! :)

  10. wowza. these are great pictures and you two are adorable! nice work!


  11. well hey! looking forward to following you back :)

  12. thanks for having me, i've met some nice people already!

  13. you know, if the very worst outcome there is that you have a stock pile of beautiful plates, I would call that a successful idea failure!

  14. thank you, and thanks for the moral support..it's a challenge!!

  15. oh thanks, it was a rare find and there was definitely some squeeing done when I tried it on and it fit!

  16. Stella Vivienne is a BEAUTIFUL name! just headed over to your blog and I love your thank you dearest post xo

  17. oh thanks! my fiance takes them, he's really the best. Can't wait to read more of your lovely blog :)

  18. Hey Hanna! Beautiful blog and gorgeous family... you guys look SO happy! Happy I met you thru the UBP12 and really looking to following your posts! Visit mine and join too! :)
    S.O.S. Mom


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