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April 28, 2012


How awesome is that picture?! We were in Myer so Rob could make sure something we purchased at JB HI was a good deal compared to what Myer had on offer (boys...) and they had these big mirror pillars. Violet was all over them, kissing herself and flirting like a little girl in lurve.

This week is so busy, I've predictably left all the planning of Violet's first birthday until the week before (her party is on Sunday the 6th of May, though her real birthday is on the 9th) and there is a lot to do. Violet and I tried to go to the cake decoration shop yesterday but the mean cake lady says no strollers in the shop (though she was a fair bit ruder than that). I thought that being a mean cake lady was pretty much against the rules of the universe but man, she breaks the mould! Unfortunately she holds the monopoly on awesomeness when it comes to edible glitter and purple-only sprinkles so I have to go back on Monday. Luckily my brother and our friend Thom where in the city already so we salvaged the day by grabbing some coffee in Degraves St and wandering with them. Today is for picking up some hessian (burlap) by the metre from the hardware shop to make tablecloths and loving on my sweet little girl who is extra clingy this week. She has mastered the art to wrapping her legs around us and gripping with actual strength with her feet and hands whenever we try to put her down. Who would mind though, baby cuddles are the best! On that note, top tooth number one is all the way through and coming down every day while top tooth number two is just starting to break through the surface. This time around we done the teething pain killer free, not for any reason other than that she hasn't seemed to need it, cuddles have been the medicine required.

I need to ask my blog pals for some help. I'm annoying both myself and Rob with my repetitive music listening. It's a well-joked about semi-fact in my circle of friends that I haven't bought any new music since 2004. It's not strictly true BUT most of the music I've bought since then has been new albums from bands I was already listening to prior to 2004. I'm not up with any kind of current trend and if you know where the pulse is you can look for me at the furthest point from it before you hit die-hard Guns n Roses territory. Folks, I still have all of The Shins albums on heavy rotation. Help! I realised last night while laying in bed listening to the music played at 40th birthday party at my next door neighbour's house that I do not want my life to be summed up some years from now by a playlist dedicated exclusively to cock-rock and all the lamest hits of 1987-89. Or the equivalent of my musical taste currently. Please suggest me some new stuff! I like the following music the most of the stuff I listen to, plus I'll be your best friend. Manchester orchestra, brand new, joni mitchell, rilo kiley, first aid kit, the shins, billy bragg, bright eyes, the national, the stone roses, fleet foxes.

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  1. Our music tastes are strikingly similar, and I love nothing more than suggesting new music, so I will gladly respond to this blog post, even though we don't know each other. A few bands/artists to try:
    1. Ra Ra Riot--"Can You Tell" is my favorite song of theirs, but every track on "The Rhumb Line" is golden.
    2. Jeremy Messersmith--Try "Welcome to Suburbia" or "A Girl, A Boy, and a Graveyard"
    3. Jaymay--Her entire EP, "Sea Green, See Blue" is fantastic.
    4. Musicforanimals--Another EP suggestion. It's called "If Looks Could Kill."
    5. The Weepies--Any song from any album. They're a husband and wife team and they're insanely talented and in love with each other.

    I could go on for much longer, but I'll stop myself now! Good luck with your music search!

  2. I can't believe the cake lady was so rude! Anyway, try some of these artists: The Black Keys, Foster the People, Plan B, The White Stripes, and Neon Trees. All good bands. :)

  3. that cake lady is so rude!!! btw, i love listening to King of convenience, the bird and the bee, florence and the machine, imogen heap and a lot more.

  4. Well, first of all....I don't think there is anything wrong with your taste in music ;) I often get stuck in my rolling stones / Neil young phases - then pixies / smashing pumpkins and the like. But as far as modern music, I love Kurt Vile, M.Ward, Ryan Adams, Laura Marling.....gosh I could go on for ever!
    Toni xo

  5. It is so easy to get stuck in a music rut! I would suggest Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed, Jack Carty & also The Lumineers. They've all been my favourites at the moment. xx


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