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April 19, 2012

IMG_4277 IMG_4275 IMG_4266 IMG_4268 IMG_4273
These shots are kind of out-takes from a what we wore photo session in the park the other morning. We shot the photos in one spot and then moved to another to see if we could get some more but unfortunately the lighting was just TOO different to use the two lots in one set. They're much too cute to do nothing with though! So I hope you think they're as sweet as I do. We spent the day at the Ceres with some of our mother's group friends after Rob went off to work and then the afternoon at one of their homes drinking tea and practicing walking. That is to say, Violet and her little friend Poppy practiced walking, I'm doing ok in that particular skill.
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  1. I think they're totally adorable! Love the lighting. Visiting from UBP today.

  2. I love the retro picture in your sidebar and I love these more candid shots. I wish I had shots like that of me with my kids. Alas, my spousal unit is a little under-developed when it comes to taking pictures of people. :D #UBP12

  3. Very Sweet!

  4. I just love those baby teeth! Violet is very sweet.

    Visiting from UBP12! Ultimate Blog Party 2012

  5. She is adorable! And I love your hair!


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