April 26, 2012


Lately our weekends have felt like we are running a race from the start of the first day until the finish of the second day. Except that sometimes we cave under the pressure and decide to do none of our to-do list tasks (which causes even more pressure later!). We have so many things we need to buy at the moment and so many of our things keep breaking and have to be taken back to be repaired or replaced. Seriously, in the last 2 months we have had something to return every weekend, we are unlucky in purchasing (but lucky in warranty coverage). Violet's first birthday party is in a week and a half and I've been working on that mostly in my head but slaving over handmade invitations. Rob works such long hours, often doing photo shoots or seminars on his days off, that he has little time to do the things he needs to do, let alone the things he wants to do. Maybe not having a car is getting the better of us after all. I guess we do live in suburbia now (not really, at all). Anyway, we decided to stop on the way home from picking up our replacement vacuum cleaner (the old one broke, we were not surprised. Also, one of the connection outputs on our TV broke yesterday. The TV is less than a year old, we were not surprised) on Tuesday to let Violet stretch her legs and take a break from running errands. She just loves the park, I guess all kids do. My friend Rosa from my playgroup showed up with her husband and their little boy, Leoma which was an odd chance meeting as we were in Clifton Hill which is not where either of us live. He and Violet played near each other for a while and then a huge thunderstorm hit and we ran away home to get warm and cuddle. Life is good man, especially when you stop to take it in for a while.

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  1. Ahh! Too musch cuteness for one post :D
    I voted for you in Top Baby Blogs, I hope you make the front page list here soon. Your blog is darling!

    xo, Samantha


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