Holy heartbreak

April 04, 2012


Imagine walking in to your sweet baby's bedroom to see this. We've been having some trouble getting Violet down for bed quietly recently. Usually we rock her to sleep and put her down as soon as she's out or sometimes Rob puts her down awake and strokes her head until she drifts off. Lately though she's been waking up when I put her down or waking up at every tiny tiny noise inside or outside as we're trying to get her to go to sleep. This can go on for up to an hour, at which point we throw our hands up in the air and resort to letting her cry it out. I'm not a person who is against the cry it out method, by any stretch, I think that as long as the parents are feeling as least amount of stress as possible then the baby will be ok. Happy parents = happy baby. I guess I'm against the idea that my baby is a baby who has to cry it out. Isn't that terribly narcissistic? I suppose that because she was just such a good sleeper from pretty much day one the idea that she doesn't sleep through the night or that she's fussy going to sleep just doesn't feel true, even though it appears that these days it is true. Last week we had a night where we had to let her cry for 10 minutes or so. Finally she quieted down and Rob snuck in to make sure everything was ok. He came tiptoeing out and insisted in whispers that I had to come look. And this was what we found. So heartbreaking! Also a little funny (in that sadly sweet way) because if you knew Violet in real life you would know that she's the happiest, most well loved baby and this picture makes it look like she's living in some western world Amnesty International campaign. Well, if those existed.

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