10 and 11 months

April 12, 2012


Darling Violet,

Mummy slacked off on writing you a post for your 10 month birthday so this time it's a double whammy. All I really have to say is YOU ARE SO COOL! You are so much fun, you have such a cool little personality and you are hilarious! You laugh all the time now. I remember writing just after you had learned to laugh a few months back that it felt like getting you to think anything was funny was harder than a days work. Not anymore! You think people copying you is funny but your most hilarious favourite is to be scared. You love when we shout RAH as we jump out from behind a door, you love being chased, you love us running up to you and stopping when we're nose to nose shouting "WASSUPPPPP", you love it when daddy says "bye poost!" and then runs from one door to the other in the living room only to jump out and say RAH. Daddy and I made up a game the other night and oh boy, we've never heard you laugh like that before. I had to check that you we're screaming a couple of times. We put you in your wooden dolly pram and daddy ran around pushing you while I chased shouting "i'm gonna getcha!", we raced around the living room, down the halls and around the kitchen. In the kitchen there is an island and you and daddy would go one way, I would go the other and when we met I stomped and shouted RAH. Daddy would turn around and run the other way and the game would start again. To get out of the kitchen daddy would run you in the cart through my legs. We ran around until we couldn't breathe properly and your cheeks must have been sore from all your grinning and laughing. I can't wait to play again. You're our best friend and so much fun!


You can stand up. It's been so long that I can't remember if you were doing that last time I wrote like this. You pull up on everything but now you can let go and stand for several seconds at a time. You can eat a mouthful while free standing and you love to let go and then clap your hands before falling on your bottom. You are also cruising around the furniture, it won't be long before you are walking. And talking! I have no doubt that you know who Daddy is and who you mean when you say it. You light up when I say "daddy's on the phone" and reach for it to talk to him. I've heard you say "mama" a couple of times and yesterday you turned around in your pram, looked at me and said it. The other day I thought you said "tuddle" (for cuddle). Which is something else adorable you have learned to do! You can now cuddle on command! If I say "Can Mummy have a cuddle?" (and if you are in the mood to appease me!) you flop you head down on my shoulder instantly and lay there letting me cuddle you. I have to say, this is my most favourite thing that I have ever taught you. To get cuddles from my very much on-the-go, get-outta-my-face-muuuuuum little girl is kind of better than heaven.


We have no more teeth! The top two front ones have come and gone again a couple of times each which is super frustrating for everyone. This weekend you've been sticking your finger down the side of you mouth and chewing manically. I'm not sure what that means but surely you're not due for any teeth back there for a long time? Come back two front teeth! But also stay away if you like because you look very cute with just your two bottom teeth baby. I need to get Daddy to make a video of the funny thing you do with your tongue because there's no way that I can capture it with words and it's very very cute. I really feel this month that we are just two gals hanging out and having fun, rather than a mummy looking after a helpless baby. You're much more interested in showing me things and me showing you things. No matter where you are in the room I can catch your eye and you'll look up from whatever you're doing to give me a big grin because you love me and we're pals. You also had your very very cold over the Easter weekend. It was so sad, on the Sunday we went to the zoo and you were miserable. You just stared sadly into space like you were too depressed to interact and your nose ran everywhere. You've bounced back like a shot though, by yesterday you were your old eating self again and today, even though your nose is still a little runny, it's like nothing ever happened. You're so healthy. I can't believe it took you 11 months to get sick in any way, shape or form. I'm also glad that you're now building your own little immune system, in the event that I want to wean you.


You love to copy people and have people copy you. You have dances (shaking your head mostly), clapping songs, tongue wiggles, indian hand in front of mouth actions etc that you do on command if anyone does them to you and that you get a real kick out of having anyone do if you do it to them first. I feel like you're going to be a real character of a little girl but also very independent. Both in terms of play and being strong willed! You still throw tantrums if anyone takes something away from you but thankfully you are easily distracted or calmed, even if it's an iPhone. You are also known at playgroup and around the local play parks as a food thief. Thats right, a known food thief! You even have a method. You hang around close to the kid with the food and when they get distracted and look away you slowly sneak your hand if and take their food right out of their hands! By the time they realise you have it in your mouth already. The other mothers and I have been watching you! You also climb onto the laps of any of the mothers who have food to feed their babies and open up your mouth like a baby bird.


Thing you can do:

cruise around furniture and flat surface using your hands for balance but not necessarily grip, pick up the tiniest object with just thumb and forefinger, stand alone for moments, say dada and know who you mean, maaaaaaybe say mama and know who you mean (but that might just be wishful thinking!), you sound like you are having conversations in another language rather than just babbling, understand commands such as "mummy have" combined with my hand held out for an object, occasionally take one or two steps unassisted, roll a ball back and forth between me and you.

Things you love:

-go karting in the living room
-sleeping on the dad
-the song Electric Avenue
-play parks, especially the swings!
-her rocking horse
-rice crackers and corn crackers
-standing up and clapping and anything that evokes praise (you love praise!)

Things you hate:

-the dads anaconda move (which he thinks is hugging)
-the dogs that bark next door
-daddy going to work
-putting clothes on or off
-soda water
-having a cold


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  1. I love these posts! I agree that the cuddles they give when they're constantly on the move are heaven. I love her little polka-heart tights. Too cute.


  2. I love them too! I can't wait to read them back some day. I wish you could bottle those cuddles and save them for sometime you really need them :)


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