what we wore {a little bit of red}

March 30, 2012


top: thrifted//singlet: sportsgirl//pants: Lee//shoes: modcloth
dress: gifted

This week Violet and I have been taking advantage of the glorious weather. It feels just like spring, even though it's autumn. We've been spending every day at play parks or in friends backyards or at Ceres, the organic market around the corner from our house that has a cafe and a lovely lawn to sit on. This week Violet has also started letting go of whatever she has pulled herself up on and free standing for several long seconds at a time. She can clap while doing it and when we're having a kitchen floor dinner party, playing "musical instruments" between mouthfuls, she has decided that the best way to eat is to pull up on my legs, take a mouthful while standing on her own and then flop down onto her bottom to chew and swallow. It's so funny. She's become less and less like a baby and more and more like a little girl every day!

This week Rob and I also had our first date night in a while. My brother came over to watch Violet so that Rob and I could go to the movies. I love going to the movies, I would say that it's the thing I miss most about my before parenthood life. I used to go every week, often in the middle of the day on a Monday by myself because everyone I knew was a work (Monday was my day off). We saw The Hunger Games and I really liked it. Boy, has my taste in movies changed since baby. I used to love intellectual, art house and foreign films but these days my brain doesn't stretch to complicated themes, weirdness or subtitles and any disturbing themes hurt my heart so much that I can't watch them. See you later former 10 ten films, apart from Blade Runner I don't think I could sit through a single one (Mysterious Skin was one of the 10, for example, Lolita another).

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  1. I love your outfit! Those pants look great on you. My brain can't handle a good independent film these days either!

  2. Okay, so you are seriously the hottest mum. Hands down. Ever.
    My husband & I love going to the movies too, we get choc tops and hold hands like 15 year olds. The cinemas where I live are really small and dated and in a way it makes it better because theres hardly anyone ever there. We mostly go Sunday afternoons.


  3. do you also bawl your eyes out at the biggest loser and pretty much any reality show where someone sings their heart out and has a shot at their dreams? because if so, i think we are soul sisters. haha

  4. oh stop it!
    We do the same! Our closest cinema is also small and dated but kind of in a hip way, coz you know, that stuff is cool in Melbourne!


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