What Violet Ate {month 5}

March 23, 2012

Week One


This month we've been working on combinations of foods, moving towards Violet eating family foods. Hopefully somewhere around her first birthday she will be able to eat whatever we're eating (minus all the salt and sugar, of course). She already wants whatever anyone around is eating, climbing up on us and making sweet little chewing motions with her mouth to let us know she'd like to be putting that food in her mouth too, please. Her chewing is getting better and better. Her two top teeth both came in and then went away in the last month but one of them has just cut through again so I imagine she will master chewing very soon. I still don't think she's up to taking bites of things so we keep everything smaller than bite size but we do hardly any purees now, 70% of her food is finger food and 20% is food I spoon feed her but has chewable chunks in it. Mushroom was neither here nor there to her. She clearly liked the egg better as she picked through everything to find the egg and left the mushroom alone until she had nothing else left but she did eat most of it.


Violet hated mashed chickpeas but I really don't blame her, they were on their own so they were dry and boring! Not many were eaten but she didn't have a reaction to the bits she did swallow so I can incorporate them into something yummier, like a sauce. She did however enjoy throwing them around, so that was awesome! Ha.

Week Two


We had so much fun with raspberries! Rob and I really wanted to watch a movie together so we brought the high chair into the living room, lay down towels everywhere and handed the little lady the above bowl of treats. She went to absolute town. It was so funny that we ended up watching her and taking a gadzillion photos instead of watching our movie. She looked like a serial killer by the end and we gave her more raspberries to keep the laffs coming. Suffice to say she really, really likes them! She has raspberries most days now, though I'm not game to let her do this very often, it was pretty hard to get off her skin!


This started out as a piece of grain bread with butter and vegemite (yeast spread) and then I chopped it up into little pieces. The sticky spreads helped her pick them up easier and she did a great job of chewing them. Or at least of moving them around her mouth long enough for her saliva to soften them enough to swallow. She was a little bit wary of the vegemite. It's probably much more bitter than anything else she's eaten but it's so full of iron and b vitamins that I hope she just gets more and more used to it.

Week Three


This was probably her favourite thing she's ever eaten. Pumpkin is already her favourite so when I pureed steamed pumpkin, sweet potato, sweet corn and rock melon she was pretty much in sweet orange heaven. Every time I gave her a mouthful she would flap her little arms up and down with joy. I've since made the same mixture but in little cut up squares instead so that she can eat it herself and she loves that just as much! What is with babies and orange foods?!


I added spinach to her regular cheesy scrambled eggs for extra iron and a little more variety. I want her to have eggs every day and it feels like the perfect time to get some cheese into her too but a. I don't want her to get bored of them in the future and b. why not sneak something else healthy in there too? She loved the spinach. More than the mushroom, though I'm not giving up on that either. Now all I have to do is remind myself to make some extra for me while I'm at it!

Week Four


I originally made this pudding to get her to try greek yogurt. I didn't think she would like it but I was not prepared to buy any of the 'baby yogurts' at the supermarket because they are all packet with sugar. What the heck? I also wanted to put some bread into it to pack more carbs into her. I had a theory that if I could get a bunch more carbs into her little tummy she might not wake for food in the night. It didn't work but the pudding rules so we also have this most days now. This pudding is made from a handful of raspberries, a couple of table spoons of greek yogurt, a table spoon of organic sugar-free vanilla custard powder, like 5 or so table spoons of cows milk (it has to be extra runny so that the bread can soak up the liquid) and half a piece of grain bread torn into little pieces. I've also added diced steamed apple or mashed banana or diced pear on occasion too. I mix it all up and wait for the custard to thicken and the bread to get soggy and then feed it to her with a spoon. She goes absolutely nuts over it! Apart from the fruit sugar it's a totally healthy treat packed full of calcium.

I then tried greek yogurt on it's own anyway, just to see. It turns out she loves it! That's what I get for underestimating her, I guess. I didn't take any pictures of it because she'd already had it.

Now that I'm onto combining ingredients and making little meals I'm having an absolute blast cooking for Violet! I'm still steaming a whole bunch of vegetables every two weeks to freeze but now I'm dicing them rather than pureeing them and putting them into little snack pots like that. I'm just too lazy to do it every day. I can also take the vegies in the snack pots out of the freezer and add them into something else I'm cooking for her, like a sauce for pasta.

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