What the Dad did {1}

March 20, 2012

Our sincerest apologies for the unscheduled break. Sometimes I guess things get overwhelming and blogging is low on my priority list. It makes me sad to miss entries into our kind of baby book. Here in our house these last 10 or 11 days we have been dealing with an extremely curious baby girl. Sweet little Violet has pulled every single DVD out of the TV cabinet at least 7 times a day, has become fascinated with the shower, drain and all the bathroom's treats (read: shampoo and other bathroom products!), is obsessed with all paper books (especially tearing out pages and eating them), loves to bang the pantry doors and the door to the back of the house if I forget to lock it, goes straight for my 10kg bike if I forget to lock the door to the back of the house, has found a box of tampons somewhere (I still don't know where they are!!!!) and likes to put them in her mouth and crawl around and last (though I'm sure I'm forgetting 10 thousand other little things) but certainly most horrifying, can pull up on both the rubbish bin and the recycling bin, open them and dig around. I feel like my days at the moment are spent following her around either cleaning up the mess she makes or pulling her out of dirty things.

We have just purchased a new TV cabinet with doors rather than open boxes to try to solve the problem of the DVDs and at the moment our bins live in the bathroom and the laundry when we aren't using those rooms! We are trying new things to deter her from getting into the naughty without stopping her from exploring and just seeing what works for our family. On my mind a lot of the time has also been our discussion of whether to have another baby now. Both of us really want one but we have some more talking to do. That's probably all I'll say on that for now!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is actually to introduce a new little segment on Violet Lulu called What the Dad did. Rob wanted to be more involved in the blog so he devised this idea to have weekly lovely little videos of he and Violet doing things together. He's also going to be editing our outfit photos too (yay!).

This week we took Violet to the park for her first play in the playground. Rob and Violet went down three kinds of slides together, over and over again. I think her favourite thing to is definitely being pushed on the swings by her Dad. Just watch!

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  1. i totally feel you on the curious baby thing. owsley opens up our entertainment center and (in half a second) destroys everything inside.

  2. Very cute! And I'm in the same boat as you, I spend all day chasing Daisy around, it seems she is drawn to all of the naughty things. Anything with a door knob, handle, latch or lid. She likes opening things. You guys have such a beautiful family.

  3. oh goodness, you're supposed to tell me it stops!!!


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