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March 09, 2012

1) making small progress on the not choking training. 2) the most delicious pasta. 3) my brother and violet playing blocks. 4) i like her in yellow and purple.
1) I loosened the straps on her stroller so she could sit up front. she acted like she was queen, waving and blowing kisses at strangers, singing and babbling. best day ever. 2) what's not to love? 3) uncle Todd babysat while I went to work for a day (!!!!!) and this is what they sent me. 4) cutie fell asleep on me and put her hand on mine in her sleep. i died.
1) hanging out being silly at daddy's work. 2) taking mirror shots of ourselves at daddy's work. 3) someone got stuck underneath the record player. 4) manchester orchestra. heart eyes.
1) taking pictures to send to dad while he's at work. 2) she loves reading to herself. she babbles so loudly while doing it, like "BAHBAHBAHABLALALALALABAHBAHDADADADADADA" continuously almost without breath. 3) she woke up from a nap and this happened. 4) i had toast for breakfast, violet had spinach and cheese scrambled eggs. what?
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  1. your little lady is adorable! and so are your bangs

  2. dude, the best! and an easy lazy mama favourite!
    -1 tub cherry tomatoes, quartered
    -1 block danish feta cheese, crumbled
    -as much frozen chopped spinach as your heart desires, defrosted with the water squeezed out
    -1 jar of basil pesto

    all dumped in a great big serving bowl, pour cooked pasta (we use penne) on top and stir through. 15 minute meal, huzzah!


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