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March 30, 2012

1) hair! it's long enough for ribbons, pony tails and pigtails! i die every time. 2) sleeping babe. 3) huzzah! 4) rob did this instead of cooking the ravioli...
1) playing in the cupboard she's allowed to explore (with supervision. yes, that's a bottle of jager. 2) lopsided pigtails! 3) i had some delicious treats. 4) i went out for a girls night of pizza and champagne with the ladies from our playgroup and violet + dad saw me off.
1) violet tore the cover off one of my books for the first time. sad face. 2) she does this all the time. 3) greek yogurt face. 4) oh so cute, taking pictures to send to daddy.
1) i don't know why she always puts bowls on her head but it rules. 2) we love making musical instruments out of kitchen stuff. these drums are awesomely loud. 3) using a walker with her friend kieran. 4) shouting at her friend kieran, they were trying to muscle each other off the toy. so funny!
1) caity bought back this cute cape for violet from america. 2) we love bath time!. 3) at the play park. 4) reading the very hungry caterpillar to herself at the play park.
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  1. she's a doll! and love that ravioli face. :) popping over from UBP2012!

  2. the face! heading over to your blog now, how great is ubp?


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