A little update

March 08, 2012

We had a lovely couple of day this week. Rob had Monday/Tuesday off work this week and it was pretty cold, the first cold weekend of Autumn to be exact, so we decided to spend the weekend in watching movies and staying warm. On Tuesday evening we decided soup would be a good choice for dinner and rode down to Moroccan Soup Bar, in North Fitzroy. You can eat in there but it's tiny and unless you have a big party they don't take bookings. People literally line up out the door and around the corner to eat there. They have an awesome takeaway system though, you take your own container (or soup pot!), they fill it up and charge you what they kind of roughly imagine that the amount is worth. They also don't have a menu. It's vegetarian and they can mostly give you the gist of what they've got but sometimes the staff don't even know what's there. Weird but kind of cool (and extremely hip, no?). So Rob handed over 4 containers and we went back 15 mins later and took 4 meals home for $28. We worked out what we'd been given when we got home.


The lentil dish is our favourite, we want that one every time. I was kind of hoping to get a lemony lentil and spinach soup that we had last time but alas. The spicy soup pretty much made up for it. Great winter comfort food and it kept me full for the next two days worth of lunches.

The next night, Wednesday night, my brother came around to babysit while Rob and I went to the Hifi Bar to see Manchester Orchestra play. We drank a little too much (ok, it was 4 cheap beers each..but we don't drink much so it felt like more!) and had the best time. The band were amazing. I'm certain it has more to do with the fact that I rarely go to see live music anymore but I can honestly say that it was the best show I've ever seen. It was so nice to just be there with Rob, enjoying ourselves and watching a band that I really, really love.

I even took an iPhone picture of the band. I have never done that before so you know I liked it!


I think that night out and the hideous fast food we ate afterwards which tasted oh-so-good in the moment steeled our resolve to do more things like that for ourselves. It's nice to sometimes just be a couple.

For the record, I was so hung over the next day.

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  1. elephant.eyelashMarch 9, 2012 at 7:08 AM

    ah! manchester orchestra puts on such a great show!

  2. Weren't Manchester Orchestra just amazing! And yum, I want that food right now. I wish we had something like that around here!

  3. Sydney needs to get more hipsters! The hipsters bring the deliciousness (but also the lack of eftpos facilities. A rant for another time). Check your email!


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