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February 21, 2012

1) can't believe that one of the prettiest photos i've ever taken of violet was with an iPhone! 2) playing with food pots. 3) so cute. 4) hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
1) more meal plan meals. we ate fake chicken and bacon caesar salad. 2) it's so cute when she falls asleep in restaurant high chairs. 3) we weren't sure about cheese on it's own. 4) we ate bean burritos with lots of toppings.
1) we found a weird merry-go-round swing in a park in Prahran (a suburb of Melbourne). 2) and she kind of liked it! 3) nomming on some scrambled eggs. 4) pretty.
1) children's farm fun. 2) sitting on the horsey! 3) the folks at JB HIFI have a sense of humour. 4) it's too big now but this dress we picked up thrifting is going to be so lovely in winter.
1) cheesy scrambled eggs and toast are a new favourite. 2) i think we have to go back and buy this chair! 3) one morning last week she played like a little baby again. my heart broke! 4) hey, thanks for stealing my phone to take this Rob!

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  1. Neat photos, Violet is too cute! Her purple scoop bib is awesome! A toddler had one on at my work yesterday and I made a mental note to get one for when my husband & I have a baby.
    I come across little funnies like that at JB a bit. When I lived in Newcastle, the folks at JB there were sassy pants enthusiasts and you'd find super sarcastic things all over the store!

  2. She is just so wonderfully cute xx

  3. i was so not going to buy one because they look weird and feel kind of gross but a girlfriend sang their praises and now I'm thinking of building a shrine to them! Seeing her scoop around inside the bib for dropped food is pretty much the cutest thing ever.

    That's awesome, I've only ever seen a couple of JB funnies but it always brightens my day :)


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