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February 07, 2012

1) so clever. and so into contraband. 2) cheeky dvd attacker. 3) violet and her friend Juno tearing around the kitchen. 4) violet and juno up to mischief.
1) hahahahaha! even cuties take horrid photos sometimes. 2) in her new high chair. 3) which she LOVES. 4) playing with a book she found, it's my brother's special one from when he was a kid.
1) from our meal plan, lemon and halumi pasta. 2) meal plan, broccoli and artichoke pasta. 3) meal plan, mock chicken, chilli, chickpea and spinach salad. 4) sleeper.
1) more Boon Flair fun. 2) a big mess and a little bum. 3) new way of trying to eat! 4) we went exploring and found a velodrome. rob had fun riding on it.


  1. YellowfinchdesignsFebruary 7, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    very cute. and that food....amazing!

  2. meal planning, my friend, it is guaranteed to lead to food that isn't hastily thrown together and looking like pup food!


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