We love thrifting!

February 24, 2012

I actually can no longer imagine walking into a shop and buying an item of clothing for Violet full price. We don't mind when her grandparents or our friends pick her up a sweet gift from this store or that but our favourite items that she has to wear are by far and away the things we've picked up thrifting. Rob is great at finding pretty dresses for under $5! I have a little obsession also with second hand Fisher Price toys. They don't have to be super vintage (though that is my favourite, usually), I just like their toys a whole lot, past and present.

I'm also going through and trying to replace all of our dinner ware and glasses with cut glass and thrifted china. I have had to put down a policy of one in/one out as our cupboards are full to the brim as it is. Finding pretty plates at a steal can be not as easy as it sounds around here but I'll get there eventually.

On an un-thrifty related note, our vacuum cleaner has blown up (but is still under warranty), so until Rob has his next day off I am unable to vacuum. I mention this because i just turned around to find Violet throwing scrambled egg onto the floor to watch it splat. Gross! She has also managed to get it in her eyelashes. Really gross!

Here are some things we picked up recently. You should go see Mandy for more thrifting goodness.

A winter dress that will fit in a few months (i.e. winter time!) and some sweet summer dresses for Violet.

Two more summer dresses that fit now, though the one with the lovely collar is somewhere between a top and a dress.

The dress on the left will fit in several months but the one on the right fits now.

A couple of toys, the crocodile races across the floor when you push the lovebirds down and the turtle's head pops out when you push all the shapes down.

There are actually two of the plate on the right but I was using one for my lunch!

The whole lot was about $27, bargin! We love thrifting.

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  1. TOO cute! I wore those dresses when I was a babe...good finds!

  2. Oh my! Beautiful dresses :) I think we may have to employ the one in one out method, So much china.
    I feel your pain, our Hoover is also broken and Molly thinks the carpet is a plate, nightmare! xx

  3. All perfect! Major envy!

  4. amazing adorable dream dresses! they are all so sweet! so glad i found you (from mandy's blog). -L

  5. those dresses are amazing, i don't know why they don't make them like that any more!

  6. i wish i could employ the method of keeping everything and still having room for it all! Alas, my house does not grow no matter how hard I wish for it :).

    Who knew there would be a time when you craved to be a domestic goddess? xo

  7. ugh! thrift envy, a curse suffered every time i look at your blog!

  8. thank you, i love finding pretty things!


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