Violet's (and Rob's) first trip to the Aquarium.

February 28, 2012

Last weekend my parents came down for a kind of surprise, as in last minute, trip to welcome my baby brother home from his study in Montreal. They stayed with us for 3 nights and on Rob's day off we decided to make a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium. Rob had been hinting at wanting to go for weeks but things just kept coming up instead and I didn't really understand why he was so adamant about going. Well it turns out, he's never been to an Aquarium! I couldn't even tell you who had more fun, him or Violet. It was very beautiful as so cool to see her seeing fish and animals for the first time. She was actually interested which I was a little surprised about as I remember my single dad friend telling me that his little girl had no interest in zoos etcetera until she was 2 or 3. Now I'm sorry that I didn't rush us down there the first day Rob mentioned wanting to go. Rob was so excited to see the sharks that the struggle not to rush through everything else to get there quicker was actually visible on his face, in his manner and by his actions. I loved watching it, my heart was all swollen and full of excited love. I guess we liked it so much that we even bought the cheesy green screen photos they take on your way in and superimpose onto a bunch of fish related backgrounds!

We saw penguins. The raggy looking ones are in the process of malting their feathers, apparently they don't eat while they do this and it takes about a month!

Oh, my heart! They stayed like this, looking at each other for so long.

Hello friends.







There is a series of these that are quite funny. In this section they have made it kind of like a theatre, with bench seats, to do shows with divers and feeding. Rob was sitting in the middle of the seating area, taking photos, and there were other people sitting all over. Violet started doing a big big poop. The thing to know about Rob is that if he's focused on doing or getting something, nothing can get in his way. If I'd walked over and told him she was doing number twos he would have made me go back and get a good picture anyway! So I didn't and i didn't want to shout it across the room so there are a bunch of photos where Violet is either straining or trying to wiggle out of my arms and my face goes from irritated to laughing, the more he takes. I'm afraid this was the best one!






I think once she has her first birthday we intend to buy annual passes to the children's farm, aquarium and zoo (which we haven't been to yet!) so that we can go whenever we like!

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  1. I love the last picture of you guys, such a cute little family! I love the Melbourne aquarium, my husband and I went there a couple of years ago and spent forever in there!

  2. Just found your blog yesterday! Love all you're dresses and your sweet baby! She's precious!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I especially love that close-up of the penguin's face underwater. And Violet is just too adorable -- those legs!

  4. So very cute! I can't wait to take Daisy to the aquarium!

  5. isn't it the best? is the sydney aquarium good? we are coming up for a holiday in June and looking for things to do!

  6. chubby thighs are my favourite!

  7. oh my, it's the best best best! I wonder what else would be awesome for a little baby? I can't think of what would top all of those beautiful colours..


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