Heppy Valentimes!

February 16, 2012

Valentines Day is well and truly over now but I hope everyone had a loved up day. We didn't do much, Rob had to work and we woke up late (as usual) so we saved all celebrations until the evening time. Rob organised a picnic in our favourite spot of the park. It was quite funny really, he hadn't taken anything to work and wanted it to be a surprise (even though I pretty much knew what was going on!) so he had to wait until I left for the park to sneak into the house and pick up some supplies, like a rug and some knives for cheese etc. Then he had to ride behind me the whole way there and race around me at the last minute while I wasn't looking to go and set it up. How funny! I got there too early and he was only half way through but it was the sweetest picnic. We ate lots of snacks and he gave me a big bunch of roses and lilies. He also hired Jane Eyre from the video shop, which I have been banging on about watching for ages. He has not been interested which is why getting it was extra sweet. Even though he fell asleep about half an hour into it. It's the thought that counts right? He also bought Violet some bubbles for Valentines Day, we have recently discovered that she LOVES them! She laughs and smiles so much when we blow them around her. Rob and I decided no presents this year, we have a few items of furniture we want to buy in the next month so we are cutting down on frivolous spending. I made him a card instead. The picnic was so nice. Happy post-valentines day day!

PS. I'm listening to Christmas music today! It makes everything happy.



  1. So cute! It's too cold for a picknick here in The Netherlands, but I want to have one as well when the wheather gets better!

  2. This is brilliant. GOrgeous!!! LOve the set up and so sweet to spend Valentine's woth baby girl!!! Love your photos too!!! THanks for your advice onmy blog!!!! xoxoox Hanna

  3. haha, i bet it is! maybe an indoor picnic in your living room? don't worry, when you're having summer picnics i'll be so envious because it will be too cold here!

  4. thanks so much Hanna! I can't wait to find out what you decide to do! xo


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