City farms

February 18, 2012

Last "weekend" (I think it was Monday actually, Rob's day off) we took Violet to the Collingwood Children's farm. I'm so impressed with the people who run this, we live in the inner city (two suburbs out from the center) but this farm is located even closer to the centre of the city. And it's like a real farm. So cool. Plus it's super cheap to go, has a really nice bush style cafe and seriously feels like you've gone on a country getaway. Guess who forgot to check the camera battery before we left? Me! It was totally flat so we are stuff with iPhone photos. Nevermind, they're pretty good for a phone. We spent a couple of hours wandering around the farm and having scones with jam and cream. Violet was kind of interested and definitely excited to be the center of our attention (Daddy works long hours and she LOVES when he is able to pay her lots of attention) but I know that when she's older she's going to go nuts for those cute little animals!

We saw ducks!

But we liked the chickens better..

We found a little family of goats.

Violet made friends with a goat named Saskia.

She wanted to pet her but was a little shy..

So Daddy helped.

Mama pushed the empty stroller and Violet travelled like this.

I think she thought Daddy was a horse because she used his hair like reins, ouch. But it made so her happy so Daddy pushed through.

Looking at animals with Mama.

And then we found a pair of real horses. This one was our favourite.

We didn't pull this one's hair!

We didn't get to go and see the cows as Violet had had enough after the horses but we walked past some big fat pigs on the way out! There was also a shetland pony that we didn't take pictures of, for real! What a cool mini day out.

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