9 months

February 10, 2012


Darling Violet,

How can it be time to write you another monthly birthday post already? I feel sad about how quickly time is passing. Every day you are less like a baby and more like a little girl. This month has brought us so many firsts and developments. You are now a crawling pro, you pull up on ALL the furniture, especially the bits you shouldn't, the other day I caught you trying to 'cruise' (though you didn't manage more than a couple of steps and you've been standing on your hands and feet (bum in the air, so cute!) trying to push yourself upwards into free standing. Your language development is still where it was last month but you have started squealing in utter delight! Especially at your new favourite place in the world: the swimming pool. Daddy is your hero at the swimming pool, the two of you have so much fun together. He tosses you up in the air, plays peekaboo under the water (him going under, not you!) and turns you into a little speed boat. You sit on the side and launch yourself into his arms and he holds your hands while you kick and splash like you're the queen of it. You never ever reach out for Mummy at the swimming pool. Daddy is the king. Once you even went by yourself, on a Daddy/daughter date. You had the best time and when you got home you cuddled right up to me like you used to before you were on the move and just sat, you were tuckered out from all the fun!


Your sleeping is starting to get better again. We have officially moved you into your own bedroom and you've either slept through or woken up once for a drink in the last few nights. I can't tell you how much of a difference a good nights sleep makes to you. You're a much happier girl. I'm still trying to make myself put you in your cot for day time sleeps. I would appreciate the time to myself but goodness, I miss you so much when you're in there. I sneak in to smell your hair and find one million reasons to check on you (example: better just make sure her shirt isn't too tight around her neck, yeah, better check!). Being such an adventurer helps you tire yourself out too. You've gotten past that fear of leaving the room I'm in and have started crawling out to explore other parts of the house. You still stay close but I might find you in the bathroom if I'm in the kitchen, in the hallway if I'm in the dining room or in the kitchen if I'm in the living room (they're all next to each other). You also play hide and seek with us. It's the BEST! We hide in a room and call you over and over 'til you come crawling, you stick your little head around the door with the biggest grin so we squeal and clap and you think you're very clever. Which you are!


I want to talk to you about your love of pulling the hair out of my head in clumps, of pulling my nose off my face and of clawing my lips. Please stop hurting Mummy, I don't want scratches all over my face and I really really don't want to be bald! Seriously, I hope this doesn't last. You definitely understand the word no. You either do one of two things when you hear it: shake your head, grin and stop doing it for oh, about 30 seconds OR you start crying. It's the strangest thing, it's not your normal cry, your face screws up, especially your mouth and you let out this long, grizzly cry. You know you're in trouble all right! We faced your stroller forward this month, you now look out into the world instead of at me. I miss you. Walking is no fun for me anymore but I bet it's interesting for you, seeing the world that way. I miss talking to you, grinning at each other and playing games. Why you gotta grow up for?? You also have your second tooth. We were expecting another 3 week torture marathon of teething for you but this time around it was just a couple of days and BAM, it was through. You look so cute with your two bottom teeth. You also look less like Popeye, this is good. I've been brushing your two bunnies with a wet cloth and you love sucking the water out, how cute. I love you so much.


You're definitely more like a little girl than a baby but I can't yet tell exactly what you'll be like. You're cheeky, you love to dance and you're adventurous. You love to smile but you don't laugh that often. You're a mama's girl but you think Daddy is where the fun is at. And you're rough, there's nothing delicate flower about you, you like to wrestle, not cuddle. You've learned some verbal questions and statements that I make to you, like "up?" and "come here" and you've also learned that you can respond depending on your wants. If I say "up?" and you want to come up you reach your hands up. If you don't want to, you shake your head and keep playing. I want to know you! You're already our best friend. Oh, and you're also finally learning to chew! I see food that isn't totally mush in our near future! Oh, and you're not quite as obsessed with our iPhones anymore!! You are more obsessed with dvds and things you can get that on things you can pull up on. And just one more thing: you know how to eject dvds from the playstation 3. You love doing this so much. Naughty!


Thing you can do:

Bear weight on your legs when held standing, sit without support and pull yourself to sitting from any position, pass toys from one hand to another, rack small objects, turn in direction of voice, look for dropped objects, stand holding onto people of things, throw a tantrum if we take a toy or no-no item away, crawl to get toys that you want that are out of reach, crawl (and very very fast, I have to chase you if you're going somewhere I don't want you to!), play peekaboo, pull into standing position from sitting position, pick up tiny objects with your finger and thumb, say 'mama', 'dada', 'bububub', 'lalala' etc, wave hello and buh-bye, understand the word 'no' (but rarely obey it!), daddy said that the other day you stood by yourself for a few seconds when he let go of your hands.


Things you love:

-eating 'solid' food
-the swimming pool
-the shower! since going to the pool you've become confident with water and now love crawling around the shower!
-playing in bed while m + d are trying to snooze
-pieces of paper (to scrunch and tear)
-dvd (out of their covers).
-remote controls
-the playstation (aka dvd delivery device!)
-kid push ups (involves you being lifted in the air with my legs)
-pulling up on everything
-cupboards when they are open

Things you hate:

-going to sleep
-going to sleep in your cot
-having no-no items taken away
-having toys taken away
-having anything you want taken away
-you hate less this month than ever before!

We missed one this month, sorry!


  1. Oh, she is such a clever girl! She sounds very cheeky.
    Also, I always get extremely envious when I see that maroon, collared dress. Ah, it is divine!

  2. This is so very sweet! I hope Violet can read these when she's older.


  3. Almost speechless over this sweet post, what a "tribute" AW my daughter's middle name is VIOLET!!!
    Happy 9 months!

  4. she's so cheeky! I think her and Daisy would be little mischievous friends together if they could! I love that dress too (it was a christmas present) but I always get envious when I see your pretty thrifting finds. Is it weird that i actually knew your email address? well, not by heart but when i saw it i remembered it from your contacts page :)

  5. me too! hopefully the internet will still exist (of course it will! unless some Jericho type thing happens. man, i love conspiracy tv shows)!

  6. is it really?! that's so great! you must have been way ahead of your time though because I know of several Violet's our little girls age and everyone STILL comments on what an "unusual" choice and that is "such an old fashioned name".


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