What Violet ate {month 3}

January 17, 2012

Week One


This month I dropped the ball on introducing new foods, I'm afraid. I intended to do a new one every couple of days but between what happened to my friend, having both our families staying with us over the holidays and most importantly, Rob's increased work hours slash our combined family exhaustion, well it just didn't get done. I don't see that she's suffered for it though, considering we've still been doing three solid meals a day, just mostly with stuff she's already had! We had pear on Christmas day which was a hit. It was also great for loosening up her bowel movements! I had to steam it first though, am I the only person in the world who has never been able to successfully buy and ripen a pear properly? I seriously had these sitting in the cupboard for nearly a week and they still felt like rocks. I probably should have just mushed them a little with a fork, pureeing bought out the juice and she was slurping some spoonfuls.


My neighbour lives a pretty sustainable lifestyle (unless she's a meat eater but I see her eating at local vegetarian restaurants) and often comes over to give us bits and pieces from her garden. It's pretty awesome. She gave us green beans around Christmas time and there were kind of not enough to use in a meal for the five adults we had sleeping in our house at that time so i (actually my mother did it, huzzah!) steamed a fork mashed them for Violet. I think she got about three meals out of them. Predictably, she liked them. And I enjoyed watching green beans come out in her poop for a few days. Ok, I didn't enjoy that.

Week Two


I was pretty excited to try avocado for the following reasons: you don't have to cook it and you can't really freeze it so it's just a little bit of work every time you make a meal. The littlest bit. And I was all like mmmm good fats, let's fatten this baby up. Fat fat fat fat fat. I like chubby baby chub. Anyway, she liked this one more than most things. Although, I could tell she has normal taste buds because there were a few on-the-way-to-spoiling bits in it and she didn't like those. We also had our first choking event with avocado. I guess it was a little bit stringy in parts. She sorted it out on her own though.

Week Three


I thought for sursies that she would not like kidney beans. I mean, I got the no added salt kind and they were on their own in her bowl, nothing but kidney bean and mouth. She loved them! I even got mmm-mmms. Awesome! Our child rules. Again, these came out as they went in though, in slightly mashed form. I guess the more she eats them the better she'll digest them. I can't wait to make these into things with other vegetables and tomatoes. I'm just waiting for our next trip to the market (which has been delayed for FOREVER due to increased work hours).


Hey! Something she hates! I probably shouldn't be excited by that. Particularly considering cannellini beans (which I'm afraid to say I've misspelt above. How embarrassing) are the best. My favourite sandwich in the world consists of toasted roll, cooked mashed cannellini beans with lemon zest grated into them, artichoke hearts, whole egg mayonnaise and grated parmesan. Irrelevant..but delicious. The kiddo literally hated them (she had hers lonely and without condiments, of course), would not open her mouth, preferred to go hungry. That kind of hate. So after a few days I gave up and hid them in a pumpkin/sweet potato/carrot blend. She never knew. I'll bring her around someday. I intended to do lentil next but seriously, I gave up on the market and went to the supermarket to get some tomatoes (to make a sauce for the lentils) and for real the truck with the tomatoes on it was missing, hadn't shown up, they were tomato-less. Weird huh?

Week Four


Cows milk, dun dun duuuuun. Now, I am planning to raise Violet vegetarian and I have been thinking a little about the whole cows milk issue a lot. I have decided that I want her to have it. I feel a little funny about this decision, given that I don't drink it (except in things, like cake). The thing is that while I can have it in coffee, if the coffee is strong enough to hide the taste, even getting a little plain milk splashed on my arm while pouring Rob's breakfast literally makes me gag. This is not a good thing. My parents ate vegetarian (rennet free) cheese when I was growing up but we only drank soy milk, I don't really want Violet to drink cows milk because I think it's disgusting BUT I don't really want her to have a phobia of it either. I'm not vegan, I'm not planning to be vegan in my life time, I don't necessarily want Violet to be vegan unless she decides at a later age that that's what she wants. I care about the issues surrounding dairy production but I personally feel like I'm doing what I can do, environmentally and any more would have me being resentful of others who aren't doing anything because I would miss all the things I'd be missing out on. Does that make sense? I'm a fence sitter, yes. Anyway, based on that diatribe I think it would be unfair to create weirdness for Violet and cows milk, given that my reasons for being grossed out by it are not actually good reasons. So we tried cows milk. She loved it. Huzzah. Her excretions are now thoroughly disgusting, like a real human beings. In retrospect putting iron (the rice cereal is an iron-fortified one) and calcium together was a bit of a moot exercise but I forgot about that at the time.


I literally read the ingredients on every single custard related product, pre-made and powdered, baking aisle and baby food aisle. The very very last product I picked up, which i nearly missed as it was in the wrong spot and lying down had no sugar in it. NO SUGAR! Huzzah, we can have custard after all, I'd all but given up. It's the best, she adores it and I've been mixing it with cows milk, again.

Next month I will be stepping up the introduction of new foods and also introducing some finger foods. We tried some fingers of peach last month that she was allowed to eat with her hands but i think all the juice was confusing, she had a couple of scary moments of inhaling it and the subsequent coughing made her swallow too big a piece which in turn made her choke. Really scary. We are also currently waiting for our high chair to be delivered, FINALLY! This will change everything and make it so much easier. More on that when we receive it.


  1. avocado and beans were always a favorite in our house. and the pear issue, i hear ya on that one. i have the same problem and when they do ripen they are too ripe and mushy!

    also, good for you for trying the cows milk. don't feel bad at all. i actually don't eat dairy but my kids do and i'm okay with the choice ;)

  2. Aww, she's such a cutie! It's always fun feeding them new foods. :)

  3. thanks for the reassurance, it always helps to know you're not alone!

    yes! i'm not even sure what is worse, crunchy or mushy. either way is no good!


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