What Violet ate {month 2}

January 03, 2012

Week One


This month we will start introducing two new foods a week. First we had cauliflower, which does not smell the best but she seems to like it! I made it in the baby food section and attachment of our food processor. I used no extra water, just vegetable and the baby food maker allows me to regulate how pureed the food gets. So I went a little rougher. I think white foods are her least favourite so far because green foods and orange foods are clearly more awesome. Still no problems though. When I started documenting what Violet ate I was kind of expecting her to reject things or have clear likes and dislikes. Once again, our placid baby enjoys everything almost equally. Life is so hard (it's not!).


A few days later we tried mashed potato (on it's own, no butter or milk). I'd been warned by my playgroup friend Anna that potato tends to go quite glue-like so I added in some of the water I steamed it with. I had to add more water, it was like cement! Regardless, she seemed to like it. Potato has probably been one of the biggest reaction inducing foods we've tried yet. It must still have been a little gluey, she played with it in her mouth a lot before swallowing, moving it around, opening her mouth and pulling faces. She always swallowed though and now she doesn't put on that show, she just eats it.

Other meals have been: broccoli + zucchini, sweet potato + pumpkin + carrot, zucchini + rice cereal.

Week Two


We have been waiting for Violet's first official fruit (she's licked a mango before but it doesn't count) since forever and it's finally here! We chose apple, thinking it would be lovely and sweet and get a huge reaction. Alas, once steamed it wasn't as sweet as we thought and we hardly got a reaction at all. She does love it though. Especially just defrosted, still freezing cold apple puree. I think it must help with her sore teething gums. No added water was necessary, just the juice. This time I mashed it with a fork, though i'd steamed it for quite a while so it seemed to just go straight into mush anyway.


Banana! A food that I didn't have to steam! Actually, I guess it actually involves more work each morning, since I freeze all the cooked foods. Can't say mashing a banana is a hard slog though. Anywho, Violet loves banana! She'll eat a whole banana in one go. I've been old to expect constipation from it but so far all we've had is a little more firmness to her stools. So we've been offering more water this week to try to loosen things up. It's not at a point that I'd consider prunes yet, hopefully it doesn't get that way! I think banana is her favourite so far. All I have to figure out now is a schedule (these make me feel good!) of what to give her and when, now that we have so many different foods in the mix. I don't want her to miss out on essential nutrients.

Week Three


Mango is mine and Rob's favourite fruit! Little Wiggle loved it too. Maybe not as much as banana because it's still early in the season so they're still a little tart. This baby seems to like fruit just as much as vegetable. I'm going with this being the result of following the principle of introducing vegetables before fruit based on breastmilk being sweet and therefore babies already having a taste for sweet. That may or may not be true but so far we don't have a baby turning her nose up and anything but fruit! On another note, mashed and pureed fruits have been coming out runnier than vegetables, obviously because of the juice, which has made it a lot easier to keep giving iron-fortified rice cereal! It thickens up the fruit so she keeps learning textures and keeps the iron level up. Yay!


The nectarines we had were definitely a little tart, they were a little firm to be sweet and juicy. The look on her face when she took her first mouthful was priceless. A little mouth pull and her shoulders shivered. She opened her mouth for more though! And after that first bite she loved it, every time i've given it to her. I can't wait to get sweeter ones next time to try. Or to mix some fruits together and see how she likes a blend.

Week Four


If I could take back pureeing honeydew melon, I would. What a messy waste of time! All that liquid meant that I was actually feeding her juice on a spoon. You know what was better? When I'd gone through the three days worth of pureed honeydew melon and was left with the better part of half a melon. Know what I did? I bought one of those rings with a mesh pouch, designed for babies and fruit. That became Violet's new obsession, slices of melon she sucked out through the mesh holes. She could hold it herself and it kept her way more entertained for way longer than any of the 1 million toys she owns. Melon was a delicious success!


Man, I let these peaches ripen up in the cupboard for SO LONG but when I pureed them they were still tart. I don't know what's wrong with fruit in Australia this season, it's no good. Sweet and juicy? You wish, jellyfish. Anyway, I think she hated it, though it was a little hard to tell. She would take a mouthful, pull a face, shudder, swallow, then open for more. A baby who takes what she's given whether she likes it or not? I have one of those! Since this post of What Violet Ate is very very late, due to my hiatus, I can tell you that I just bought more peaches and am currently ripening them up, hoping that because it's later in the season they'll be sweeter!

So I was actually meant to post this about 2 weeks ago but, you know. Stuff happened. All I can say about month two is that I'm struggling not to feel the pressure (unintentional on their part, of course!) from the other mothers in my play group, who seem to shove anything and everything in their kiddos mouths. Most of them at eating toast soldiers on their own and ice cream, fries. I know they're all a month older than Violet but I have to keep reminding myself that it's ok to take it slow. Breast milk is still Violet's number one food source so following the recommended chart in terms of what to introduce, how to do it and when to introduce it feels right to me. I probably won't care with my second child and just give them whatever, whenever but this is a process that I'm actually enjoying. I still watch her face like a hawk to see what reaction a new food will bring, I still think sugar and salt are completely unnecessary additives and I still like feeding her with a spoon. I know I'm going to look back one day and think "I can't believe I cared so much, it didn't matter at all!", I'm ok with that. Also, she's getting way too wiggly to take pictures of, I cannot get her to stay still, especially when all she wants to do is keep eating!

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