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January 16, 2012

1) i sewed our stockings last Christmas. 2) our tree, Christmas seems so long ago! 3) christmas ribbon is the funnest toy. 4) sitting on dad's head!
1) someone grew a tooth. 2) i bought new shoes and am in love with them. 3) sleeping beauty. 4) cutie cutie cutie.
1) beautiful girl. 2) dress that Laura-Jade bought Violet for Christmas. 3) sleeping again. 4) dad mowed the lawn so close we couldn't even play on it. it was practically dirt!
Picnik collage
1) eating fruit through mesh is Violet's FAVOURITE. 2) playing with Miffy in bed. 3) dad and Violet went shopping together and sent me a picture. 4) we bought a lawn mower and Violet enjoyed pushing it around!


  1. my little girl LOVED the mesh bag things! they seemed to seriously ease the teething pain!

  2. My little guy loved those mesh feeders too! Your little girl is darling!

  3. really? that's so interesting! I don't think I gave it to her much when she was cutting her first tooth, i'm really excited to try it with the second tooth!

  4. they're the best aren't they? thank you!


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