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January 21, 2012

1) i love this little girl. 2) violet and her grandpa, over the week between Christmas and New Years. 3) most beautiful sleeper. 4) we left our Christmas tree up until Jan 6 and it broke my heart to take it down and take away Violet's joy :(.
1) things around here have gotten CRAZY in the last 3 weeks. violet will no longer sit still to eat. 2) i chase her around the living room shoving mouthfuls in in awkward positions. like this one! 3) she is crawling on her hands and knees and getting into EVERYTHING. 4) she's an explorer of her world. where the heck did this come from all of a sudden?!
1) i made this owl soft toy with my sewing machine. 2) she loves putting dollies to sleep in the pram and also pulling them out again and shaking them. 3) late Christmas presents are great. 4) playing with our food.
1) despite owning a thousand toys, the only things that have given me a solid break this year were a water bottle, duster and some computer cords. 2) funny food faces. 3) arrrrggg, destroying everything! 4) and as of this week, pulling up on everything. lots of bumps on the head in this house.

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  1. Your daughter is so darling and we share the same name ;)


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