Splish Splash

January 05, 2012

New years day here was boiling hot, in the mid to high 30s (around 95 degrees fahrenheit plus). It was too hot to go anywhere or do anything, plus we were tired from our New Years Eve activities so we blew up the paddle pool that Violet received from her Grandad and Grandma Sue for Christmas. The hose wouldn't attach to the outdoor tap so we ended up carrying buckets from the laundry to the backyard. The grass was burned from mowing it too close and the hot hot sun so it wasn't the prettiest picture but with a sheet over the hills hoist to create shade and a bunch of toys, we had the best makeshift swimming day we could!

Sadly we were focusing on how hot it was outside (it was hard to breathe) and forgot that the water we were pouring in the pool was very very cold (why is that? on hot days water from the taps seems to be noticeably colder!). Rob just plonked Violet down in the water that came up to her chest, she started crying and we couldn't work it out until I got in and shrieked! It took me ages to ease in and it didn't even come up to my waist! Oops, poor baby, we froze her.

Eventually, when everyone was used to the temperature we had lots of fun playing with the sailing ship, it has buckets with different sizes and amounts of holes, a fishing rod with fish to catch, an octopus hair comb, a sea captain (named Captain Haddock!) and a wheel that propels the ship forward. It's pretty rad, I'm a little bit excited that I get to play with it too. The caption on the box said "Good things come to those who bait.". Really, it did, isn't that great?!?! I love summer, the most.


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