8 Months

January 10, 2012


Darling Violet,

Happy 8 month birthday! This month you sure have challenged us. As your tooth came in and you became more aware of your surroundings and our role in your life you have become much more dependent on our physical presence. You would like to be in the same room as us at ALL times! You would also like to sleep in our bed every night. We love cuddling you while you sleep (and all the other times too!) and we love you sleeping in our bed but we also cherish that time together, to cuddle each other. Daddy works such long hours that we don't get much time together and cuddling all night is kind of our thing. For this reason, this month, there have been some changes. We are slowly fazing you into your own room and we are teaching you to go to sleep by yourself, without waking every 2 hours wanting to come into our bed. To be honest with you, I want to be a co-sleeper and I want you in our room but the reality is that we personally can't be the parents we want to be to you when we aren't getting any sleep and when we aren't getting any time together without you. It's been very hard, on all of us.

Thank goodness, none of this seems to have affected our daytime relationship. In fact, with Mummy getting you to go down in your bed for your naps, so far, we are having more fun together than ever. Mummy gets time to do the things she needs to do while you're asleep so all your awake time is spent playing. A win for you! You are loving it, I can tell. You love talking to your toys with faces. You also love putting dollies and teddies in the little wooden pram Grandma and Grandpa got you for Christmas. You love putting them in, patting them and then picking them up and shaking them, repeat. It's so adorable.


This month you got you first tooth! It was very hard for you, for weeks before it popped through and watching you tug furiously on your ear has become normal around here. It finally made an appearance on Christmas Day, nearly cut all the way through and made you miserable for the whole day, only to disappear the next day, leaving an actual hole in your gums! Three days later though, it was back and here to stay. It's the cutest little peg of a tooth I've ever seen! You've also been a darling and have so far not bitten me with it while I've been feeding you. Thank you for that! I hope for your sake the next teeth you get don't hurt so badly, we hate watching you in pain. Cuddles usually make you feel much better though, I'm happy to oblige.


You're really starting to turn into a little person and I can see from here on out, your babyness disappearing and little girlness taking over. This is both happy and sad. We really love you so much. Now that you are sleeping in a different room we both sneak in and watch you sleep and marvel at how beautiful you are. We can't believe you're ours, with your little hardly-a-nose and your beautiful eyes and your out of control hair. You're perfect, we couldn't have dreamed you up. We live for your giggles and your smiles, your cuddles and the way you learn to do things with such determinations. We love you oh so very very very much.


Things you do:

Sit by yourself if you sit you down, push up into sitting from your tummy (but you have a funny little way of sitting when you do this), crawl! your commando crawl is perfected and you are getting pretty good at moving on your hands and knees too, say bababa, bubububub, mamamama, dadadad, yahyahyahyah, lalalala, take a few steps if I'm holding your hands, pull yourself up on toys (but only into sitting position at this stage), feed yourself slices of peach or other soft fruit, cry if we take something away from you, crawl to get something you want, play peekaboo, wave hello and bye bye, high-five!, pick up things with your thumb and index finger.


Things you love:

-technology, if you can see a computer, an iphone, an ipad or any kind of cord..YOU WANT IT! too bad you can't have it.
-mummy and daddy but this month you're a mummy's girl.
-eating (both food and booby, you are hungry hungry this month).
-toys that light up and play music.
-kid push ups (a game we play were she lies on my legs and i push her up).
-water bottles.
-being scared (games like peekaboo).

Things you hate:

-mummy leaving the room.
-daddy leaving the room if mummy wasn't in the room to begin with.
-being confined to anywhere (like a swing chair or bumbo, you want to explore!).
-water on your face.
-cannellini beans.
-going to bed.
-having things taken away from you (like no-no items such as phones or bottles of nail polish).


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