What we wore {cream and owls}

December 04, 2011

dress: vintage (from shop in home town)//shoes: modcloth//brooch: vintage//owl necklace: vintage, 20th birthday present.
dress: thrifted.

Yesterday we spent the day tidying our house, hanging out and grocery shopping for a little birthday get together we had organised for ourselves. We invited just a few friends around for drinks and homemade pizza. We also wanted them to help us eat the two birthday cakes we still had! Rob spent most of his time in the kitchen rolling dough and making pizzas so we set up all the chairs in there so that he wouldn't be lonely. We had a great time, relaxing and eating with our closest friends. We were even smart enough to clean up the kitchen after everyone left (it was a HUGE mess) and I got a warm, fuzzy feeling of relief walking in there this morning to make coffee.

In the field:

Here's Ali, Luke, Milly and Rohan. And Violet, of course.
I think after last night, Violet and Luke are best best best friends. They had lots of fun together.


  1. i love seeing the photos of you and your daughter.. they always make me smile! both of you gorgeous as ever! i hate the clean up but totally agree, for me since having a baby, i have to clear up that night to make sure i have a clear path to my morning coffee at silly o'clock in the morning :)

  2. I have a sinking suspicion that we'll have to let go of that when baby #2 comes around!


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