December 06, 2011


Look at how cute this little girl is! She's ours, we made her.

Obviously, we made the trip to see Santa. I went last year with my single dad friend Matt and his little girl Sakura so I knew it was going to be awesome, they have a little fake fireplace and Rudolph asleep in front of it, his little chest rising and falling as he snores out loud. It's the cutest. I also knew that Violet would neither know what was up nor care, she's 7 months old. This trip was all for us, the parents of a little girl who is about to have her first Christmas. Now, Rob has never had Christmas before and my parents are not that into it, we had some presents (so that we didn't feel left out at school) and a potted plant (a fig!) to decorate, there was lots of food but we were raised vegetarian so it wasn't Christmassy and no carols, stockings or Christmas parties. Just the four of us. Visiting an old guy dressed in red at a shopping mall was kind of the antithesis of my parents' hippy values. I'm not saying I wish I'd had a different Christmas experience but this is our first 'real' family Christmas and we're deciding what traditions we want to follow and what we want Christmas to be for our family, without the influences of what we've both grown up with. For example, we bought a tree (not a real one, I'm paranoid about Violet swallowing needles that WILL drop in the heat of summer), a big one! We decorated it good, we saw Santa and we want to go every year. I'm not sure what we'll eat yet (still vegetarian!) but we've been listening to Christmas music already and planning presents, thinking about stockings and we've invited our families to join us!

Back to how cute that picture is..


  1. She looks so happy with Santa! My son first saw santa when he was 8 months and had a MAJOR meltdown!

    We are vegetarians too. For Christmas eve we usually have italian food with our family. (plenty of meatless options) Christmas day we have brunch which involves lots of french toast, eggs, waffles, donuts and a bunch of other junk! ha!

    I bought She & Him's Christmas album and can't stop listening!

  2. Such a sweet picture... and Violet is a beautiful name. Have fun creating your Christmas traditions!

  3. I love Italian food! Brunch sounds delicious too. We usually do pastas and yummy salads for christmas lunch, or roast vegetables. My mum usually does it though. I love that album so much, it's so good!

  4. Your blog is adorable and your baby girl even cuter!:)

  5. Such a sweet picture, she is absolutely beautiful.


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