Over the weekend {week 7}

December 05, 2011

This weekend was extra special and probably my favourite one that we've spent as a family. I know that's a huge call. Rob was working a 12 hour shift on his birthday (Friday) so we decided (well, I decided since Rob doesn't care that much about his birthday and I like birthdays even more than I like Christmas...which is a lot) to have a birthday weekend for him instead of just the couple of hours we would be able to spend together on his actual birthday.

I woke up early in the morning on Friday and snuck out to "make coffee". That was a joke because on my birthday Rob told me he was going to make coffee and was gone for the better part of an hour so we both knew I wasn't actually going to make coffee. I finished setting up his presents and card and cooked us some french toast with raspberries, bananas, maple syrup and whipped cream. I also had bought him some packet lattes that he loves but will never buy himself and made one of those each. When it was all good to go I made him close his eyes and led him by the hand into the dining room for a happy birthday surprise.


I didn't wrap his present because he knew what he was getting (he picked it!). It's a balding clipper, something that he's wanted for about 2 years. I don't know why he hadn't bought it yet but I was so happy to give him something that he'd been thinking about for that long. I hope that whenever he uses it he remembers how much I love him. I also got him, for a surprise, 24 cans of Dr. Pepper. You can't buy it here, except from specialty stores that import it and we LOVE Dr. Pepper. Violet and I also wrote him a card!


Violet and I went down to the salon to hang out with Rob for a couple of hours. Even though he was working, it was still so nice to be able to sit near him and occasionally chat while he worked. When Rob finally got home at about 10pm we had his favourite meal that I cook, Quorn carbonara (the recipe isright here) and Dr. Pepper. We were so tired that we went straight to bed afterwards.

On Saturday he was working again but Violet and I met him after work to take him out for birthday dinner. Rob and I are not fancy at all when it comes to food, our favourites are Vietnamese, Japanese, dumplings and Indian. Rob's clear favourite is Vietnamese rice noodle soup Pho and his favourite place to eat it is somewhere we don't go often anymore because it's in a bad area. Nothing has even happened to us or anyone I know there but it's the street most of the city's heroin is dealt from, though that happens further up from the restaurant we went to. Anyway, we went there, we didn't dawdle, we just ate our food which was amazingly delicious. I had vegetarian, Rob had beef and Violet had some steamed zucchini and carrot. We had a great time!


After dinner we went to Rob's friends' house, Ben and Darren to hang out for a little while then to his friend Nat's birthday party. We stayed for a couple of hours, had one drink each which made us very very sleepy and then took a cab home to fall into bed, exhausted again!

On Sunday morning we slept in and I made the decision to give Rob his cake for brunch, instead of at the party we were having that night. I originally planned to do it as a surprise when everyone was there and have everyone sing happy birthday to him but it didn't feel right in the end. Rob hates being the centre of attention and even though I wanted him to have a real birthday party it seemed like a better idea not to embarrass him, ha. So I told him I was making some cereal and instead brought the cake in. I don't think he thought he was getting a cake by that point, since his birthday was 2 days before this. Hurray, I finally succeeded at a surprise! I sang happy birthday, Rob blew out the candles, Violet stayed mesmerised the whole time and then we ate black forest cake for breakfast. Yum!


I can't believe we have to wait a whole year for our birthdays again! At least Violet's is soon, I just love birthdays so much. Now, on to Christmas, this year is going to be the best one ever!


  1. this looks like an awesome way to spend a birthday! I bet he loved every bit of it :)


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