Friends with babies

December 02, 2011

Last week we had our friends Sean and Amanda over for the afternoon. Their daughter Juno was born 4 days after Violet. I never had a friend I'd known since birth or even early childhood, since we moved a lot until I was 7, so I'm really hoping that Violet and Juno become friends for life.
The two girls are similar size and it's pretty cool to play with another baby that's just like ours.
They both like shiny things!
I spent the afternoon with them while Rob was at work and when he came home the boys decided to take Juno for a spin in Violet's chariot.
Amanda, Violet and I watched.
After Rob gave Amanda a haircut Sean and Rob wanted to put the girls on Violet's horsie but Violet was not happy about it. This was the only photo that she wasn't actively crying in.
I made a little present for Juno.
By the time we decided to call it a night it was 10pm, how did that happen?! I wish they lived closer to us, instead of living an hour away. Regardless, it's still nice to have at least one friend with a baby our baby's age.


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