A Christmas barbeque

December 16, 2011


Last Sunday my play group had our first Christmas barbeque together. It was the first time that the dads had had a chance to meet each other but of course Rob had to work, sad face. We were supposed to have it in the park but it had been raining all the day before and the morning of. It started to clear up about an hour before we were due to meet but the park was pretty much under water. Luckily, one of the mothers, Toni, offered up her house and completely saved the day!

So we headed down to Toni, Michael and baby Isla's house to hang out with cute chubby babies, fun mum's and lovely dads. Oh, and to eat sausages (not us!), 1000 salads and 1000 different desserts as it was bring a plate. Obviously there were not 2000 different plates of food but it felt that way! We had a really great time, although it would have been much better if Rob had been there. He really wanted to meet some other dads and watch Violet play with the other babies. Oh well, next time.

Violet had her hair pulled by Leo, Joe and Nico which made her cry. She also stole all the other kids' toys, grabbing them and tucking them into her side before reaching for something else. At one point she literally had all the toys on the mat hidden around her. Someone doesn't like to share!

There was so much food that Rob, Violet and I went back to Toni's the next day to have morning tea with her and Isla, to help polish off some of the sweet things left over. Delicious!

Annabelle and her dad, Eugie (Violet in the corner!).

Henry and his mum, Sarah.

Violet and Joe, with Annabelle in the background.

Joe and his mum, Kiah, who is helping Nico sit up and Violet with the links!

Leo, Joe and the back of Violet's head!

Leo and Violet playing, Joe in the background.

Kieran and his dad, with Leo.

clockwise from top left:
Ada and her mum, Ela. Clementine and her mum, Kylie. Henry and his mum, Sarah. Nico. Violet. Leo.

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