7 Months

December 09, 2011

Daring Violet,

Happy 7 month birthday! What a big girl you are. We have discovered what you think is funny, you love being shocked! Peekaboo, running at you, pushing the pram away and then pulling it back really fast while shouting something, hiding behind doors, being thrown in the air. These are things that make you laugh! It's pretty awesome. You're a cool kid, your favourite things to do are just hanging out with us, doing what we're doing. You love coming into bed with us in the mornings, you love watching me do things (though you prefer to be sitting next to me or being worn while I do them!), you just love cuddles and kisses. Your motor skills are coming along slowly, you are good at getting yourself off the ground with your arms and you are just starting to bring one leg at a time up under you. To be honest, I'm stressing out a little about you learning to crawl, that's going to be a whole new challenge! You've totally changed when it comes to eating too, you keep your hands out of the way and are really good at being patient. A complete turn around!

7 months

This month you have taught me a new game. You make a noise, then we are supposed to copy you, then you make a different noise and we are supposed to copy you. You laugh if we play long enough. You have gotten back into blowing raspberries in a big way and you are obsessed with yourself in the mirror. You think you're the coolest thing! You're loving solid food, a lot. You can recognise your bowls when I bring them in and you kick your legs and grin. It's amazing. Not so amazing is teething, which you are in the midst of. On one hand I really hope more than one tooth is coming through because you're in so much pain and have been for weeks. We've given in and bought you baby panadol, it's too hard to watch you hurting. It's worst at night time and your bottom gums are very puffy. I can feel the sharp point of one of your bottom incisors. This month started out hard, as your pain has made you much more needy in terms of being held all the time (as in, going to the bathroom without a backdrop of you screaming has become a treat). Over the month you've taught me to stop and relax a little, if you need my cuddles i've learned that it's ok to just sit with you and hold you, I don't have to be getting something done or teaching you something or playing toys/games with you. We've spent a lot of time together sitting or laying down, cuddling and staring into each others eyes. It's actually been awesome.


You're our best friend, little girl. You're fun, fun loving, full of joy and you clearly love us so much. I can see that we're your whole world and attention from us brings you so much happiness. I love making you feel important and loved, I love working out how to best do this for you and your individual personality. I love being your mum, you're my dream come true. You've been crying a bit more this month but you stop immediately the second I pick you up so I know you're just telling me you need me. I feel so special that my cuddles are that comforting to you. Every month is more fun with you as you get more interactive and your personality develops. We love you more than anything!


Things you do:
Object when we take toys away in a big way, you hold your head level very well, you can stand for longer and longer when we hold you, you turn towards our voices, you recognise your nicknames and lift your head when you hear them, you are beginning to be able to sit for a minute or so when you are put into sitting position, you're starting to look like you may crawl/commando crawl soon.

Things you love:

mummy and daddy
being including in what daddy and i are doing
sleeping on mummy
the mirror
a few of your toys
being sung to
blowing raspberries and having them blown at you
the copy-cat game
christmas tree lights
water (finally!)

Things you hate:

water on your face
anything near your nose
being in another room to mummy or daddy
not being held
going to sleep at night because it hurts
being bored


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