What Violet Wore

November 03, 2011

I have a confession to make. I am a bad parent. Not a bad bad one, you know like mean or neglectful but I'm the parent whose child has no idea what their real name is. I never wanted to be this guy. I remember my friend from high school whose nickname at home was "chump chops" which was actually better than her nickname before that, "sausage legs". Or Rob's acquaintance who has been known since babyhood as "maggot". Our poor daughter, with a great name that even suits her, is better known as Wiggles the Wooster, Wiggles or just Woostie. She turns her head towards these names rather than Violet. Shameful, parent's of Violet Lulu Mason (that's us!), shameful. However, I vow to (at least 90% of the time) call her Violet in writing. Maybe that will break the habit. She really is a wiggling worm though, if that kid was ever still..
At least she wears cute stuff and is cute and stuff. Just don't judge me for the hair, I cannot tame it!
Woostie, I mean Violet, is wearing a vintage peter rabbit romper I picked up in my home town for $8 and some Bonds leggings that were actually hand-me-downs.


  1. Aww, little Wiggles! haha. She looks adorable! : )

  2. She is such a cutie. I adore the name Violet. I very nearly named my eldest daughter that.
    Funnily enough I chose my youngest daughters name because I liked the nickname for it so much. I have no intention of ever calling her by her full first name unless she is in trouble. I even plan on enrolling her in school under her abbreviated name. That might not work for woostie though.

  3. Thank you! She's such a wiggly worm

  4. I liked Beatrice/Beatrix for the nickname Bea but Rob said no. Kitty is amazing, it's on the list for another girl. Probably Woostie wouldn't go down too well at school, you're right!

  5. i know i am WAY late checking out your link (sorry!) but your little girl is so so cute! i think nicknames are so endearing, and woostie is an adorable one!

  6. Any time is a good time! She is the cutest, isn't she? Ha, I think you may be the only person other than Rob and I who agree on Woostie being adorable but thank you!


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