Wheatfest 2010

November 25, 2011


This is my little brother Danny, whom I call Dennis because I think it suits him better (and because it annoys him a little bit. we like annoying each other. well, I like annoying him anyway). He's one of my best friends in the world. Around this time last year my friend Ryan had an afternoon BBQ at his house. His surname is Wheatley, so he named it Wheatfest and since he sings in a band he organised himself and some other friends to play.

I was just over 3 months pregnant and on this day, with most of my friends gathered together, I decided to announce my pregnancy! I gathered everyone around (except Rohan, who was getting something from the fridge) and asked them to sit down. They were pretty shocked, as I had been. Bernadette cried. A lot and for a long time, with happiness. I was pretty nervous to tell everyone, as it wasn't a planned pregnancy, so I left it until right before I left to drop my bombshell but I felt very loved by the support and excitement everyone gave. No one even asked if I was keeping her (a few work mates asked that when I told them. sad face). Before that, our day was spent lounging in the sun, listening to sweet melodies, eating barbequed corn on the cob & salads and drinking alcoholic cider (none for me, obviously!). I hope he brings back the event this year.

See, here's Bernadette crying!


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