What Violet ate {month 1}

November 17, 2011

Week One


Try number two of iron fortified baby rice cereal was a roaring success! This time around there was no hesitation, she wanted more and more and more. I mixed it with formula as I don't have enough milk to pump. Also because I'm too lazy. I would beat around the bush and talk about how even though I love breast feeding, feeding and expressing makes me feel like all I do is boobaculate (yes, you heard me) but someone will still secretly think I'm just selfish and lazy. Maybe I am but there's nothing wrong with formula and using it in things like this is 10 times better for my mental health than feeling overwhelmed by pumping. Anyway, this time solid food looks like it's here to stay! I made it quite runny the first time and thickened it up a bit over the week.

Week Two


The look on Violet's face when she tried pumpkin mixed with formula for the first time was shock quickly followed by sheer delight. She likes this so much. The next batch I made, I made with the water I used to steam the pumpkin, instead of formula and if you can believe it, she loved it even more! I guess after bland rice cereal pumpkin would have been a party in her mouth.

Week Three


We started sweet potato in the morning and moved pumpkin to the evening solid meal, mixed half and half with iron fortified rice cereal. I made the sweet potato A LOT thicker than the pumpkin. I'm not sure if it was the taste or the thickness but she didn't like it quite as much as pumpkin. I mean, she really really liked it but she liked pumpkin MORE. I also finally bought real baby food freezing equipment, so now we can have ice cubes again. Hurrah!

Week Four


This week we introduced zucchini in the morning. I have to say, I really messed this one up. I did not think about how much liquid steamed zucchini would hold (because I hate it and won't eat it for anything!) so I added too much water to the processor and kind of made zucchini soup. It's been fine though, as I add iron fortified rice cereal to it just before I feed it to her. She likes it just as much as sweet potato but nothing can touch King Pumpkin, it would seem. Sweet potato has been moved to the second meal, sometimes mixed with pumpkin or sometimes just pumpkin on its own. I'm trying to do three meals a day now but I could definitely improve on following through with that.

So, we have been doing solid foods for a whole month. What a new adventure! We've been taking it quite slow, only introducing one new food a week. I'm in no rush to have her trying something new every day, though next month we are planning to do two new foods per week. I'll also be cooking the blends (for the lunch and dinner meals) together, rather than making singular foods, freezing them and then defrosting say, two cubes of pumpkin and three cubes of sweet potato. I need freezer space back! This has been such a nice family adventure, watching our little girl experience different tastes and textures for the first time, facial expressions and the gorgeous 'mmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm' sound she makes while eating. I can't wait to continue.


  1. This is great! We just started feeding Lillian food this week for the first time. Love to hear the foods you tried, and that Violet loved pumpkin! I wouldn't have thought of making that one.
    Lillian will be 6 months old tomorrow, and started the solids yesterday (Saturday). I wonder how long we should stick with the rice cereal before moving on to a fruit or veggie. I was thinking a week?

  2. Hi! Is Lillian enjoying solids so far? It's pretty exciting! Our health ruse recommends trying a new food in the morning (in case there's an allergy problem) every 3-5 days but Violet did not take well to food the first time she tried it so we decided to just do one new food a week for the first month. It worked for us that way! We also decided to stick with vegetables first, since we know she likes sweet stuff (breast milk!) and will therefore like sweet fruit! I'm sure doing vegetables first is an old wives tale but sometimes I get sucked into those!


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