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November 21, 2011

1) i started making a set of place mats. 2) violet ripping locks from my head. 3) this week had many boiling hot days. naked, sweaty baby was a theme in our house. 4) playing with dad. there's an iron in the background.
1) on a photo shoot with Dad. 2) we heart Miffy! 3) waiting for her turn in the shower. 4) oh noes, can't hide from the shower, dirty poost!
1) boob/bottle drunk and passed out. 2) grandma and the mirror book got instagramed..10x cuter instantly! 3) Jenna and violet. 4) Uncle Todd, Jenna and Violet having coffee. not violet.


  1. You are too cute! But where the heck do you live that is boiling hot this time of year? =) found you through follower fest!

  2. thank you! it's so nice to meet you. we live in Australia! It's our spring time now and Christmas falls in the middle of summer!


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