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November 15, 2011

1) pretending to eat. 2) i like violet in blue. 3) i like Rob in my glasses, at Caity's birthday dinner. 4) grandma bought violet a new's a kitchen and she LOVES it.
1) session 2 of my tattoo. 2) i'll never get tired of her 'sleep face'. 3) grandma and violet. she wore this suit a lot this week, it's new. 4) espresso martini (mine) and turkish coffee (rob's) with turkish delight (my favourite!) on one of our many dates this week.
1) a new book. it has a mirror in it, she got up close and personal with it. 2) grandma took a turn carrying violet. 3) penny farthing pa. 4) penny farthing ma.

This week I am a little behind. It's been both wonderful and hard having visitors staying with us. Wonderful because we love them and they're so helpful, especially when giving Rob and I the chance to slip away just the two of us. But also hard because I get so behind on things I need to do, like cleaning, this blog and sewing projects, also because Violet's little self-imposed routine goes out the window. She doesn't nap as frequently, she doesn't have any down time of just cuddling and not being stimulated and she doesn't have any days at home doing regular things that she knows, like sleeping where she usually sleeps. It's gotten her all out of whack which may have contributed to a HUGE problem we are having with her. More on that later.

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