Wedding dress

November 10, 2011

I have exciting news! I think I found my wedding dress! I had an appointment this morning to try on dresses with my mum at Anna Campbell and I think I found the one. Click the link to see her designs. Anna Campbell makes each dress to measure for each bride so you can kind of pick bits from this sample and bits from that if you want to. I wanted to. I took the base from one dress and switched out the top detailing for one from another dress to make the prettiest wedding dress I've ever seen. They even let me mess with their designs by creating an extra shoulder detail (i'm not into the one shoulder thing). You'll have to excuse me, I'm a little bit jittery with excitement. I wish I could show pictures here but obviously I can't. Of course I'll have a look at one or maybe two other bridal collections just to be sure but I'm pretty sure I can't do better than this! I'm also planning to go back to Anna Campbell with a girlfriend or two in tow to get more opinions. I wonder if anyone who looks at that website could guess which two I spliced? Apologies for the no-photo post, I WISH I could share!! Also, is it bad that I found the dress but we haven't even finished the guest list?

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