What we wore {orange and pink}

November 26, 2011

dress: vintage (can't remember where from)//shoes: thrifted.
romper: thrifted//cardigan: hand-me-down from an old work colleague.

This morning was spent at the farmer's market, we rode Elsie and friends north to have a look at a market closer to our house. It's not as big as our regular market but it is a really nice ride and takes only half the time. I think we will go back. Our friend Laura-Jade came over in the evening for a hair cut and stayed after to have a long conversation with me. I really miss doing things like that all the time. Just having friends over for no particular reason or doing something spontaneously. It's funny to think that when I was a worker I would dream of all the leisurely things I would do with my friends during the day if I stopped working and Rob kept working. Now I usually see friends when Rob is home and spend my days alone with Violet. Although I must say, even though she doesn't speak English yet and our talks are kind of one sided, little Violet is a good listener! We've had such a nice week, I love spring.
And I love these two human beings, with all my heart.


  1. Hi! I found you through Followers Fest and just wanted to say hi :-) And what cute pictures of a cute little girl!! I love your tattoo by the way :-)


  2. Visiting from follower's fest by way of the Wiegand's!

    much love, Kristina

    I'd love for you to come visit me at simplybold.blogspot.com

  3. awww lovely frocks on you girlies.. sounds like a lovely day you and your lovely family had :)

  4. Vance & Lori HarrisNovember 28, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    Such an adorable and stylish family! love what Violet is wearing.. she is just precious :)



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