Over the weekend {week 5}

November 17, 2011

This is kind of an over the weekend slash over the week post as I've felt really disconnected this week. It's been an odd one, characterized by two main features: going on dates with Rob (just the two of us!!!!) and sleeplessness. Let's get the negative out of the way first. Violet has stopped sleeping through the night. My perfect baby who has been sleeping through without feeds, without even stirring from 10pm until 9am, since she was three weeks old has stopped sleeping through the night. At first, a couple of weeks ago, she was just waking a couple of times, briefly. All we had to do was put her pacifier back in her mouth or maybe give her a few sips from a bottle and that was that, back to sleep. Then it started escalating, last night was out of control. She screamed the house down for most of the night. I'm not exaggerating. Bottle (I lost my over-night breast feeding abilities months ago because she didn't need them!), pacifier, singing, hand on chest- none of those things worked. At around 4:30am Rob slipped out of the room and I couldn't take it anymore, I picked her up to bring her into bed. She stopped crying immediately. Rob had gone to make a bottle so when he came back he put her back in her cot, gave her the bottle, she drank for 15 minutes and then started screaming again. When I say screaming, I mean the kind that she coughs in the middle of because she's hurting her throat and making herself gag. It's horrible. We both gave in around 5am and brought her into bed. She slept peacefully until 8:30am, had a feed and went back to sleep until 11:30am. I don't know what to do, we've never dealt with being sleep deprived parents, we've never dealt with a crying baby before. You know, when she cries we pick her up and she stops crying. Immediately. No matter what she's crying about. She likes to be held. She stopped crying last night when we picked her up too but we can't pick her up in the middle of the night, can we? We need sleep! Sigh, so that's been the hard part of this week. I'm sure we'll figure it out.

Onto the positive. With Todd and my Mum staying at our house we had a few opportunities to slip out, just the two of us. We went on a date to Caity's birthday dinner at Gasometer, where we shared vegan chicken and waffles, vegan barbeque ribs and sides of iceberg lettuce covered in ranch dressing, cornbread with jalapenos, vegan mac n' cheese and roasted corn with garlic butter. We went on a date to eat vietnamese food and then onto a cocktail bar where I had one whole cocktail and Rob had a coffee. I also got to go get my tattoo almost finished. It was so nice to get some time to ourselves and remember what it's like to just be a couple but I have to say I missed Violet so much! I think she missed us too, I guess that might have something to do with the sleepless nights. My mum and I tried on wedding dresses (well, I did), went thrift shopping for wedding stuff, did lots of shopping in general and enjoyed each others company. She played so enthusiastically with Violet all week that I was tired just to watch her! We had a great week.

Over the weekend Rob, Violet and I went exploring on Elsie and friends with the objective of finding out of the way furniture stores. We needed a new dining room table. I'm happy to say that on day two we found one! I can't wait for it to be delivered. We also had Violet's checkup, she is now 7.125kg and has dropped off in her length, surprisingly, as she was so far ahead last time. Maybe she's due for a growth spurt, or maybe she's going to be a shorty!

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