Over the weekend {week 4}

November 07, 2011

We had such a great weekend on Sunday and Monday this week! Rob's younger brother, Todd, came to visit and he hired a bike to ride around with our little family. We didn't do anything big or planned, we just spent our days riding away from the city and checking out the suburbs a little further out than ours. We found so many vintage stores, thrift stores and those amazing furniture warehouses that have the oddest assortment of furniture in them. You can always find something amazing. I had no idea they were there and they're just on our suburbs main street but the other direction. We didn't go in to any of them because we weren't shopping but next weekend you can bet we will.

We had some nice dinners and lunches with Todd, you've already seen one of our breakfasts in my last post! Todd also got involved in our make-your-own-pizza night. I think he was pretty happy with his pizza. I always put the same things on my pizza. I just like those toppings! I bet there are some amazing combinations out there to try though. I think on the agenda for next weekend (apart from vintage/thrift/furniture shopping) is to ride to some of the gourmet pizza restaurants in our area and pick up some take away menus to "borrow" their recipes from.

This weekend Violet also tried sweet potato for the first time. I'm wondering if it might be time to start giving her three solid meals a day. She has been sleeping through the night since she was three weeks old (aren't we spoiled!) but the last two weeks have seen her waking once or twice for a quick snack. We keep a bottle by the bed so that no one has to wake up too much. I'd really like this to stop altogether though! On the other hand I am no where near ready for her to be eating solid foods AT ALL, let alone three times a day..I love breatfeeding, it's so special to her and I. Sigh, why can't my little baby stay all mine forever? Any suggestions or thoughts would be welcome! On the feeding that is, not on how to get over myself and let her develop!

Lastly, we went for a big ride through this cool park right near our house. It's huge, it has a lake and several play grounds, a lookout, basketball court, skate park, weird statues, barbeque areas, park benches, public bathroom and thick trees. It's so big that when you're at one of those locations you can't see any other. I find that so strange (but rad!) in the middle of a city. We rode up to the top of the lookout and took some cheesy tourist style photos, just because it was fun. Oh, we also watched Bridesmaids. Rob's choice, no lie.
There have been A LOT of pictures of Wiggles, I mean Violet, in her bike cart since we bought Elsie. There's a reason for this: she practically lives in the thing! It's so cool for her, she has all this space for her toys, legroom and a cover to kick (she loves that), she can have the plastic down if it's cold or raining OR just the mesh for a nice breeze if it's warm and on top of all that her dad is constantly turning around to entertain her. She has the best time.

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