Over the weekend {week 3}

November 01, 2011

Everyone, meet Elsie! Elsie is my (very) early birthday present. We got her over our weekend (Monday and Tuesday this week!) along with Rob's (very) early birthday present, a carriage for Violet, to pull behind his bike. It was a bike-tastic weekend in our house! Elsie is a Lekker, Dutch made and beautiful. Rob did all the bike research for me and at first I wanted a cream coloured bike. The cream Lekker is hideous so I said no without even really looking at it. Then one day about a month ago we were eating vegan chicken and bacon burgers (which RULE by the way!) at The Mercy Seat, my favourite cafe in Collingwood, and flicking through a bike magazine when I saw a black Lekker. I wanted it. We've been talking about it since.
It was supposed to be a birthday present but we're both getting bored of trams and trains (we don't have or want a car) so Elsie and the Chariot (that's the brand, not it's name!) came early. I haven't finished with Elsie, she needs a new seat and new hand grips, she needs baskets too but I love her. According to the man who sold her to us 'lekker' means 'sexy' in Dutch which is kind of weird. Regardless, she's so pretty and dreamy to ride.
and here's Violet's new ride!
we stopped to breastfeed on a park bench.
We rode A LOT this weekend! In fact, that's almost all we did. The weather wasn't amazing but it didn't really rain and there are SO MANY huge parks and bike trails in this city, we did lots of exploring and route mapping.

This weekend we also:
Tried pumpkin for the first time!
Had dinner with Rob's oldest friend who was in Melbourne for one night only!
I can't wait for next weekend!


  1. Love these pics! The bikes look awesome! Makes me want to go riding...

  2. Yay for breastfeeding! ;) We are going strong at 31 months! Let me start by saying I am so jealous, your bike is awesome! I tried riding a bike here in the city (Chicago) and I was so scared. ha! I love your black and white outfit. Adorable!

  3. Lovely, I cant wait to take my daughter on her first bicycle ride!

  4. It's so lovely! And really quite sexy. I love bikes and cycle everywhere, but that beauty would disappear in five minutes in Barcelona. Lucky lucky you. : )

  5. i'm very out of practice but it's so much fun!

  6. Argh, I made Rob take all the back streets and 'scenic' routes. I'm so not ready for main roads in the city. Cars are the scariest!

  7. Yeah, Melbourne is a pretty good city as far as not getting your things stolen goes!


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