Happy Birthday to me!

November 29, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday. We let Violet sleep in our bed the night before to give us all a good nights sleep. She's teething and wakes up a lot at the moment wanting some comfort. She slept in our bed and slept through the whole night. Poor thing, she's in lots of pain. We woke up around 7am and Rob went to 'make coffee'. He was gone for SO LONG! He came back and i could hear Happy Birthday playing somewhere, he carried me into the dining room and the above was waiting. It was so lovely! The Happy Birthday was coming from a candle that would not stop playing. We ended up having to break it about half an hour later!

My birthday card was a hand made pirate note that Violet scrunched up herself! The flowers are from our garden. I love the note so much, it's my favourite birthday gift, I think. On one side it says:
Dear Mum,
You smell so good when I'm sad, And you're the best bed I know..
Thank you for learning me things all the times,
you are my world
Love Violet xxx
p.s. Dad wrote this :)

On the other side:
You're my best friend & the perfect mumma, look how much we achieved in a year,
i look forward to so many more...
Happy Birthday you gorgeous person!!!
All the times, Love Rob

Violet loved the cake!

My cake had my nickname written on it.

So we ate cake for breakfast which ruled, although we felt sick for a while from all the sugar and cream!

Rob blow dried my hair straight and choppy for me. I never wear my hair straight!

The whole day was supposed to be a surprise but Rob has a funny way of doing surprises. He likes to disappoint me so that i'll be extra surprised when he comes through. I should just trust him but he plays his part so well! He told me we were going to lunch and hinted all day that it was at a mexican restaurant we've been talking about lately. He made me think I wasn't getting a birthday present and that he didn't care that much about my birthday. I was feeling pretty sad about my brother being overseas and my parents living far away already so I ended up being pretty bummed out and lonely for a few hours. I made us leave for lunch early because I didn't want to sit around missing my family which was a HUGE mistake! It was so hot and humid and we had nothing to do until 2pm so we wandered around for ages looking at Christmas trees and records. We kept walking close to the restaurant I thought we were going to but not going there. I so thought I knew what was going on so it was getting frustrating. I was like dude, give it up, you suck at this game, it's so obvious! He is the best at that game and I am the noob. We walked past the street that this day spa is on that Rob sent me to for the day on Valentines day, when I was pregnant. I asked if he wanted to see it and so we walked up to it, had a look, talked about how nice Valentines day was for me and how special it was. A little way up the street Rob got really cranky and said he couldn't be bothered walking anymore and could we just turn around already. We stopped in front of the spa again and Rob said "happy birthday sweetheart, this is your present".

I spent a couple of hours getting body treatments and a massage. It was so nice and the first time I've done anything like that since having Violet. Just getting a couple of hours to myself was amazing, let alone having them be that relaxing. I'm a very spoilt girl. Afterwards we went home to relax and cuddle for a couple of hours, and to eat more cake of course. We went to the park for a bike ride and Rob was trying to trick me about dinner again. He thinks I hate the idea of a bbq in the park so he was trying to convince me that that's what we were doing but I was way too happy to believe him. Not to mention that I think a bbq in the park would be great, as long as we cleaned the bbqs off properly! Then he tried to tell me it was a half an hour ride away but I thought that would be awesome too. Turns out it was just down the road and we were going to Otsunami, a Japanese restaurant that's sentimental to us. We had an awesome dinner. I can't believe my day went from 10/10 to 2/10 then back to 10/10 again. What a ride, at least it ended on the high!

Best birthday ever! I feel stupid for doubting Rob but I wish he wasn't so good at convincing me. I love that man like woah.


  1. aww happy birthday to you!! Im glad your bday ended on a high and not a low.... those men are little sneaks sometimes aren't they! :) x

  2. Thanks Rachel! The mens are so sneaky, lucky they have the best intentions so it usually all works out :)


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