November 03, 2011

There was SO. MUCH. BLOOD!

My friend C.J. came over this afternoon to visit with us and was wearing a couple of badges on her cardigan. One was hot pink and Violet grabbed straight at it. She grabbed at it a couple of times and had her hand pushed away before C.J. just took them off. Once she made an almost-cry that sounded like frustration with not being allowed to play, then 5 minutes later I hear "why is there blood all over Miffy? Oh..I think she's bleeding..". My heart didn't start pounding and I didn't feel sick which are usually things that happen when something bad happens, I just got up and checked it out, super calm. That was so unlike me, I'm a little bit proud of myself.

There was lots and lots of blood coming from a little cut on her index finger, she must have managed to stick herself with the pointy part and then dragged it along her finger. It bled for ages. It really wasn't very much blood, obviously, otherwise I would have taken her to the doctor but it LOOKED like a lot and it just didn't stop! I can't believe how calm I was, I bandaged that finger like a champ.

Firsts are a big big deal for me, I love each and every one with bittersweetness ('ness' added onto any word makes another word. It does). That was the first time she ever got a boo-boo and the first time she ever bled from something other than a vaccination needle AND the first time I ever patched her up. The next time she falls down or cuts herself will just be another time she's hurt herself. Is it disgusting that I want to keep the blood-soaked gauze and tape?? I'm too sentimental for anyone's good. There is also blood all over the little vintage romper she was wearing and also all over her new Miffy soft toy that C.J. brought back from Japan. Sad panda. Just for the record, she didn't cry about it at all, even when i was trying to get to her finger to fix it.

I on the other hand am feeling some mummy-fail. That's normal though, right?


  1. i don't know what it is about fingers....but there is always a ton of blood. i refuse to clip either of my son's fingernails just because i have knicked them so many times.

  2. Poor little girl! You are awesome for remaining calm. My son has only sliced his finger once in Target and I felt like I was going to pass out! There was so much blood. I ran to the band-aid aisle and opened a pack right there. ha!


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