6 months

November 09, 2011

Darling Violet,

Happy 6 month birthday! This month as been so much fun with you. The days of working hard to get you to smile, or of having you smile once at something we did and then never again despite us doing it over and over, trying to get that elusive smile are gone. You are a smile machine. The smiliest, a smile master. Now instead you trick us with giggles. This week i discovered if I pulled a blanket all the way over your head so that you couldn't see anything at all, then played peek-a-boo you would laugh and laugh and laugh. I tried the next day and got nothing. You are tricksy! You are also wiggly. You lay on your back and flail all four limbs around, kicking and slapping the floor/bed/mat and your tummy/air. You can travel distances this way too.
We have reintroduced solid foods and this time you were really ready. You are loving them. You open your little mouth like a bird and have the funniest way of eating. I think your favourite is pumpkin but so far we have only tried rice cereal, pumpkin and sweet potato. We are taking it slow. You are up to two meals a day and we are thinking of introducing three, though you are still breastfed primarily. You make the funnest talking noises, you say dadadada and lalalala but the way you use your mouth to make them is hilarious, it's the same thing you do when a spoon is in your mouth. Speaking of spoons, if I don't use the hairdressing wrap you will cry while i'm trying to feed you unless you have your own spoon to hold on to. I then have to try to navigate around the second spoon because you are too busy trying to "feed yourself" with it. Sometimes you insist on holding the bowl too.
You really are the sweetest little girl, everyone comments on how good you are with strangers and being passed around between people. You never get cranky or upset about it, you love giving people smiles and cuddles. You still sleep on me during the day which warms my heart, I hope you never stop wanting mummy to cuddle you to sleep. I miss you when I leave the room and every time I look at you I can't help but smile. We are so lucky that you are ours, you are just perfect in every way and I love your emerging personality. I think that you will be fun loving, a little cheeky but mostly sweet and placid. I see the way you adapt to different people as they hold you and it feels like you are trying to make them comfortable, not the other way around. I'm not crazy, other people say this too! You still don't cry, unless you're hungry (until you get food). Even when you are hurt, such as when you have a cut finger or when Grandma pokes you in the eye, you still don't cry.
Things you do:
You roll every single time we put you down regardless of whether it's back or tummy, you roll end over end like a commando to get places, you cry when I take toys or spoons away, you can nearly get up onto all fours, you squeal and babble, you smile spontaneously, you smile in response to other smiles, you reach for toys you want and wiggle to them if you can't reach them, your neck is strong and you can hold it steady when sitting or standing, you make raspberries and funny sounds by pressing your lips together and blowing.
Things you love:
mummy and daddy
being picked up/held
being read to
being played with
'feeding' yourself
naps on mummy's chest
pumpkin/solid food in general
the song 'galumph went the little green frog'

Things you hate:
water on your face
anything near your nose
having clothes pulled over your head
having to put your arms in clothes
having the spoon taken away from you when eating
water in your mouth (you hate drinking water SO MUCH!)
being rolled off mummy when you're asleep
We love you so, so, so much. This month has definitely been the funnest so far, even though I miss your tiny baby dependence, I can see it's only going to get more fun from here on. I just can't get over how much I love you. I miss you when I leave the room and when you're sleeping. When I try to go out and get some time for myself I spend it wondering what you're doing and if you're missing me too. Thank you for coming into our lives, you are the best thing that ever happened and I love watching you grow.

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