What we ate {dessert smoothie}

October 14, 2011

Rob and I are big on food that tastes the way it's meant to taste so two-three times a week, for dinner, we love to have a big plate of steamed vegetables with nothing on them except a little salt and pepper. We usually accompany the vegetables with a bit of carbs (in the form of mashed potato) or some protein. Last night we had vegetables and Facon. Delicious! It was a late night for us, with dinner being served around 11pm, thanks to Rob's work schedule, and I wanted something sweet. With no time or energy for dessert after dinner I decided to make a dessert smoothie to go WITH dinner.

Chocolate, Strawberry and Turkish Delight Smoothie
You will need:
1 1/2 x tubs/punnets of strawberries (hulled)
1 x carton of chocolate flavoured soy milk (I had a glass out of mine first, yum!)
6 or so pieces of turkish delight chocolate
a handful or 2 of ice
I just made this up last night based on what we had in the pantry, if I was serious about it I may have gone out and bought some real turkish delight, as it was I snapped all the turkish delight pieces out of a block of Cadbury Snack chocolate. I was pretty pleased with my ingenuity!
Dump all ingredients into the blender! Who knew?!
I blended it for a few minutes on high. Here's a hot tip though, the sneaky turkish delight pieces like to fall and stick to the bottom, so I gave it a stir and smoosh half way through. That's a stir to get the half-blended pieces off the bottom and a smoosh to stick them to the sides so they won't fall back down again!
TA DA! This is the easiest 'dessert' i've ever made and it was scrumptuous. The addition of turkish delight was great. If bananas weren't $12.99 a kilo here at the moment I might have added one of those too!

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